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2021 Podcast List

Ready to get serious about sharpening your leadership? Want to know what your Commanding Officer listens to as he drives to work?
Interested in hearing what our top leaders are reading? What they are thinking? And what is important to them?

You have come to the right place. The DODReads team has compiled our annual list of the best military podcasts for 2021. These podcasts focus on leadership, life-long learning, mental health, and leveraging history to make better decisions.

Take a listen to a few and then reach out to me and let me know your favorite podcast or if we missed one. I’ll be sure to include it in the next update.

The Cutlass Podcast

The podcast works to introduce listeners to the social science and experiences of others to help them reflect on and improve their leadership and management skills to best achieve their goals and bring out the best in their people. The cutlass is historically known as the Sailor’s weapon of choice. Although less ornate and requiring less formal training than the sword, the cutlass was robust enough to use for the fighting and heavy cutting work required on ships of sail and short enough to be used in close quarters and below decks. Simple in construction but sturdy and versatile, it could be used in a variety of routine and combat applications. The name Cutlass Podcast is appropriate because the characteristics of the cutlass reflect the nature of enlisted naval professional leadership–tough, versatile, and most effective when used up close. 

Prior guests include retired Fleet Master Chiefs Beldo and Benning, and CMC James Parlier who was the CMC on USS COLE when she was bombed. 

The podcast is hosted by retired Fleet Master Chief, and author of the second edition of the Chief Petty Officer’s Guide, Paul Kingsbury. He can be reached at and the website is 

The Leadership Void Podcast

The focus of our show is to address and fill the voids leadership has by infusing practical and executable knowledge of the areas (versus things) leaders are missing most. Our audience is made up of mostly military personnel, veterans, military spouses, first responders, and patriots at heart. Our guests are those in the Military-centric Community composed of Veterans, Military Spouses, or Government Officials that have transitioned from the military and have ventured into starting their own business or have risen to the highest positions of the corporate structure. All of our guests are notable in their own right but we have had Larry Broughton, SEA Tony Whitehead and CMS Denise Jelinski-Hall, MCPON Steven Giordano, Meghan Ogilvie, Matt Sapaula, Scott MacGregor, Moni Jefferson, FLTCM’s John Minyard, April Beldo, and Raymond Kemp, Dr. Mark Hertling (LTG), Chris Wayne, Stephanie Brown and in November we are honored to have David H. Petraeus. We exist to address voids in leadership that will add value to emerging and existing leaders in addition share what several leaders will shy away from addressing. Another benefit is to showcase the great work our Armed Forces members and MilSpouses are doing in the Community after their Military transition. The show is co-hosted by Enrique Acosta Gonzalez (Navy) and Vincent Loran (Air Force). We can be contacted by email at or individually via LinkedIn

The Veteran (Semi) Professional

The Veteran (Semi) Professional is the podcast associated with The Veteran Professional blog which was started to share information and resources with veterans interested in entrepreneurship, higher education, and professional careers. Our podcast is intended for post-military veterans. Most of our guests are successful veterans who’ve found careers beyond what they did within the military and obtained their MBA. Some guests include Aaron Newsome, John Crowley, and Mike Donnelly.

We have two forms of the podcast:

The Weekly SITREP: We discuss politics and business news from the past week to help service members understand the civilian operating environment and inform them as they look to their post-military career. 

Interviews: We interview veterans about their lives and careers after the military to show the paths and options that are out there.  Having the podcast allows us to get into other issues, like mental health, affecting the veteran community. The Host: Mark Delaney, and Brendan.

  • Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn Page: @theveteranprofessional

Don’t Give Up The Ship Podcast

Welcome to the podcast directed specifically at the professional and leadership development of junior enlisted Sailors and military members. Our guests are active duty and former active duty sailors, specifically senior enlisted. We recognized what we considered to be a tremendous void in the training and preparation of junior enlisted Sailors for success during their first term in the Navy. Between Recruit Training and the Senior Enlisted Academy (SEA) in Newport, Rhode Island, there is no formal leadership training for Sailors. Outside of command delivered courses like Petty Officer Leadership Courses (Indoctrination) and Sailor 360, the resources don’t exist to prepare junior Sailors for the tremendous upheaval and challenges they face. We aim to do just that. The speaker is a 19-year active duty Senior Chief Petty Officer on submarines. He has served in positions such as Division and Department Leading Chief Petty Officer, Command Career Counselor, Naval Military Training Coordinator, Master Training Specialist Coordinator, Senior Enlisted Advisor of an “A” School, Supply Department Enlisted Advisor on submarines and is currently serving as Food Service Officer on a flagstaff. While not going out of the way to hide the identity of our contributors, we will not advertise the names as this is not about them. It’s about you

Head Space and Timing

Head Space and Timing provides consultation and support for mental health and wellness in the military-affiliated population. In addition to several books and an online blog, HS&T has produced the following podcasts: The Head Space and Timing Podcast: This 150-episode podcast looks at mental health and wellness from a clinical and veteran perspective. The conversations on this podcast include addressing the stigma against seeking support; specific conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Moral Injury; and other topics, such as conversations with authors Karl Marlantes and Sebastian Junger.  The Seeking the Military Suicide Solution Podcast: This is a 52-episode podcast specifically looking at suicide in the service member, veteran, and military family population. Co-hosted by Dr. Shauna Springer and produced in partnership with Military Times, Seeking the Military Suicide Solutions features conversations with a wide range of guests, from senior leaders at the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, to suicide loss and attempt survivors. 

The Behind The Mission Podcast: This podcast looks at holistic wellness for the military and veteran population. This podcast is produced in partnership with PsychArmor, the premier organization that provides critical resources to Americans so they can effectively engage with and support military service members, Veterans, and their families. This podcast features conversations with a wide range of individuals supporting a host of mental health and wellness needs for the military-affiliated community.  Host: The host of the various podcasts is Duane France, a retired Army Noncommissioned Officer, a combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and a clinical mental health counselor. With his unique blend of lived experience and clinical training, his goal is to change the way that the military-affiliated community thinks and talks about mental health and wellness. You can hear all of his podcasts, check out the other work that he is doing, and contact him  at

Modern War Institute Podcast

MWI’s rigorous study of war and warfare will create the intellectual capital required to educate, train, and inspire USMA graduates in the foundational military competencies necessary to win in a complex world. It will also greatly contribute to the body of knowledge for the study of war and warfare in the Army profession. Our guests are comprised of both current, and retired Army Officers, and guests of notable impact to the United States Army. Some notable guests include Brigadier General David Doyle, retired Colonel Frank Sobchak, and award-winning journalist James Verini. The Modern War Institute at West Point generates new knowledge for the profession of arms, enhances the West Point curriculum, and provides the Army and the Nation with an intellectual resource for solving military problems. The hosts for this particular series are John Amble, Ryan Burke, and Jake Miraldi.

Irregular Warfare (Modern War Institute)

IWI produces both biweekly podcasts and written content. This content is designed to marry practitioner perspectives with scholarly research to contribute to the substantive dialogue on topics relevant to irregular warfare. The podcast was established to bridge the gap among scholars, practitioners, and policymakers, making research and experience-based insight more accessible across the force. Our guests include Army Officers both retired and Active, Ambassadors, and other guests of note that contribute to the Army’s mission. Notable guests include Ambassador David Shear, William Wechsler (former deputy assistant secretary of defense for special operations and combating terrorism), and General James C. McConville to name a few. We exist to support the community of irregular warfare professionals, providing a forum to cultivate the incorporation of irregular warfare competencies in the context of modern national security strategy. Hosts include Abigail Gage, Laura Jones, and Andrew Milburn as regular hosts. Other hosts are listed within each podcast and are typically the directors of the Irregular Warfare Initiative.

Order Of Man

We cover all topics for men including purpose, self-mastery, leadership, relationships, manly skills, and more. We have a group of amazing men write for us on each of these topics. The Order of Man Podcast is for motivated and ambitious men who want to become better in every area of their lives from defining their purpose, obtaining self-mastery, building relationships, growing as a leader, and mastering manly skills. Each week I have real, unscripted conversations with the world’s most successful men. Each week we post the best content for men on the web. Our guests are men of all walks of life, be it veterans to actors. Our notable guests include Mathew McConaughey, Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter, and John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart, to name a few. We exist to give motivated and ambitious men, who want to become better in every area of their lives, a resource to do so. We challenge men to define their purpose, obtain self-mastery, build relationships, grow as leaders, and master manly skills. The host is Ryan Michler, a veteran of the National Guard and Iraqi combat veteran.

From The Green Notebook

The focus of the podcast is on guests sharing their lessons learned from their green notebooks. Our audience varies, however, the one thing they have in common is the desire to improve their leadership abilities. Guests range from current and former military leaders to athletes, coaches, writers, musicians, artists, and business professionals. Some of our notable guests include: Steven Pressfield, General Scott Miller, Kim Scott author of Radical Candor, Kori Schake, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Ryan Holiday author of Ego is the Enemy, 2x Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Tynes, and Wesley Schultz of the Lumineers. We exist to help leaders lead with the best version of themselves. The Host is Joe Byerly. Contact: Website; Twitter: @Jbyerly81 and my email is Joe {at}

Intentional Leader

Our mission is to inspire leaders to grow, lead at the upper level of their potential, and have a lasting, positive impact on their areas of influence. Our audience is anyone who believes in hard work and growth potential, willing to put forth the effort to get to the upper level of one’s potential. Our guests are veterans, leaders within their respective communities, directors, doctors, and CEOs. Some of our notable guests include retired 4-star general Stan McChrystal, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Bob Caslen, NFL Coach Ben Kotwica, and many more. Cal Walters — an imperfect follower of Jesus, a husband, father, West Point graduate, former Infantry Officer, Army Ranger, combat veteran, lawyer, and Army JAG — passionately explores ways to live intentionally, make each day count, and lead with greater influence and impact.

DODReads: What are you reading?

We saved the best for last. DODReads: What are you reading? is our our very own in house podcast produced by our DODReads team.

What are you reading podcast is a military podcast dedicated to inspiring a culture of scholarship and lifelong learning in the Armed Forces.
The podcast’s primary guests are senior military leaders who they interview in order to tease out their reading habits, best practices, and leadership practices from other life long learners.

Two of their notable guests were Admiral James Stavridis, the former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, and General James Cartwright the former commander of STRATCOM.


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