2022 Navy Slide Template

In the spring of 2018 I was frustrated. I had just taken command of a Mine Clearance Squadron and was frustrated that the Navy did not have a ready to use Power Point Slide template. I needed combatant commander logos, country flags, ship outlines, and all the arts-and-crafts graphics so that my junior officers could spend less time putting together power points templates and more time leading.

So, I created the template.

After creating this Navy Slide Template I knew there would be may other Junior Officers out there looking for this exact product. So we were able to put it online as a Navy wide resource.

Navy Slide Template Master

This clipart slidemaster is put together by a joint team of Military professionals if you appreciate the work please contribute to it’s development, and we would love to bring you on the team. The latest version of this slide clipart can be found by Googling “Navy Slide Master” or googling “Navy Slide Template”

If you would like to add your clipart and contribute to making this an even better Slide Master  please contact John at

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