2023 – Strategic Guidance Desk Reference

Early on in my career as a Strike Group NINE staff officer one of my mentors, LCDR Lyon, recommended that I read our Type Commander, Fleet Commander and Combatant commander’s strategy. After spending hours googling, searching, and e-mailing my buddies to track down this strategy I knew there had to be a better way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone compiled the high level strategy and put it in a one page desk reference?

Hence the genesis of my annual DOD Strategic Guidance Desk Reference.

A few weeks later I compiled these strategic documents, shared it across my social feeds and it was quite popular. So approximately twice per year I update, publish and share the Nations and Department of Defense’s top level strategy.

Below is our one page download for the United States Executive Level, Joint Level, Secretary Level and Service Level Strategic Guidance. As a professional military leader there are fewer things more important than knowing the guidance from your boss and your boss’s boss.

If you see an update or would like to contribute to our Annual Strategy document please reach out to John Laney here –>

Thanks for checking us out. The genesis of DODReads started in 2016 when I got nearly failed my Commanding Officer Selection Board. After spending 16 years as an operator I had completely “missed the boat” when it came to learning, reading and life-long learning. As a result I complied my best books, reading lists, tools and resources to help other military professionals in their journey.

If you think this is a worthwhile endeavor there are two ways to support. The first is with your time; you can join our team and help develop high quality professional content. The second is with your money. This volunteer based project costs Approx $2000 per month to run, with our income derived from selling books on the Military’s reading list. If your command bookshelf is looking a bit old we would be honored if you consider buying from us first.

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