2022 Top 10 Transition Podcast List

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Transitioning from the military is a difficult and scary experience.  Everyone leaving the military will have qualms or nerves.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a list of resources that showed veterans that others are going through the same thing?  Where can you find such a list?

You have come to the right place. The DODReads team compiled our best of list of the very top 10 podcasts for military transitioning for 2022. These podcasts  focus on leadership, life-long learning, and leveraging history to make better decisions.  These are not in any particular order, they are all equally beneficial for the transitioning member.

Take a listen to a few and then reach out to me and let me know your favorite podcast or if we missed one. I’ll be sure to include it in the next update. 


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Byron Chen

Thinking about starting a new career after the military?  How about opening your own business?  Are you unsure of who to contact to get your foot in the door?  This podcast is for you!  This is a great website to find blogs and podcasts regarding military members, what they learned in the military, and how they applied their experience and skills towards their new civilian ventures.  It links many military members with companies that have either been started by veterans, or that work with veterans to get their second careers off the ground.

Veteran’s On The Move

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Joe Crane

The first sentence of this podcast says it all, “empowering veterans through entrepreneurship.”  Entrepreneurship is a big challenge, and sometimes the fear of failure is what keeps the endeavor from taking flight.  On this podcast, veterans talk about their entrepreneurship experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It provides helpful tips to get your new endeavors off the ground, mistakes to avoid, and guidance for overall success. 

Tango Alpha Lima

Hosts/Contact Info

Mark Seavey, Jeff Daly, and Ashley Gorbulja-Maldonaldo

Contact Info:  https://www.legion.org/tangoalphalima

Podcast is run by the American Legion, so you know that it This podcast is run by the American Legion, so you know that it has the veteran’s interests at heart.  Current events are discussed, as well as past trends and issues that have hurt other transitioning veterans.  The hosts are three hilarious and down to earth veterans that have walked the walk and talked the talk. They will provide you with straight facts, and none of the B.S. some veterans have heard in the past.

Borne The Battle

Hosts/Contact Info

The VA Podcast Network


Have you ever felt that maybe your military experiences will not matter in the civilian world?  This podcast discusses issues that veterans experienced during their service, and how they use their experience in their lives today.  Women in the military, programs that help veterans find their military benefits, and just some good mentoring for leaving the military.  Almost everything that you learned or were taught in the military has a place in your second career!

Vets First

Hosts/Contact Info

The VA podcast Network

This is another great podcast brought to you by the VA.  This podcast is great if you want to hear the successful things that veterans have done, and are doing, with their lives.  It is uplifting and inspiring, and sometimes people just need that.  Hearing about how others have succeeded can help veterans realize that they can succeed as well.  It might just provide you with the motivation needed to take the plunge and start your dream career, post military!

Rocky Mountain MIRECC

Hosts/Contact Info The VA podcast network


Suicide is not just an issue to deal with while serving, many veterans cannot cope with lifestyle outside of the military.  This podcast is help for anyone who is struggling.  It is advice geared specifically towards veterans.  These are stories by veterans, who truly want to help veterans.  Veterans are a unique community, and we help our own.  Nobody should have to struggle, let alone struggle alone. 

Military Money Expert

Host/Contact Info: Lacey Langford


If there is one thing that all veterans can agree on, it is how to get more money..  This podcast gives helpful tips to all veterans on how to manage their money.  Lacey is an Air Force veteran, she has a degree in business administration, and now helps veterans achieve their financial goals.  This is definitely a “must listen” for any vet who is interested in saving, investing, or earning money!

Home Bound Veteran

Host/Contact Info: C/O KLHE Media Productions



Transitioning is scary.  Everyone has a story about their transition, whether it went easy or was difficult.  This podcast is about veterans telling their transitioning stories.  Some had great success early, others had to work hard to get what they got.  After you hear the stories of other veterans, your upcoming transition will not be as difficult as you once thought.  This is a great resource! 

Mind of the Warrior

Host/Contact Info

Dr. Mike Simpson


No military related “Top 10 Podcast List” would be complete without a self-improvement podcast.  Self-improvement is important, both in and out of the military.  This podcast is hosted by a former special forces member who shows that overcoming yourself is sometimes all you need to succeed.  Improving yourself can only help your transition.  This might just be the motivation you need to build your new future.

The Military Wallet

Host/Contact Info


Are you aware of all the benefits and entitlements the VA has to offer the recently separated/transitioning veteran?  This is a great podcast for understanding your VA benefits and the ins and outs of your entitlements.  These things are broken down for veterans by veterans, in terms that veterans can understand.  Includes guides for VA loans, FAFSA, and other military programs veterans are entitled.  Not only a site for podcasts but has links and videos for almost every benefit available.

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