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2023 Veterans & Military Families Month Reading List

November marks National Veterans and Military Families Month, a time when we come together as a nation to honor the brave individuals who have served our country and the families who have stood steadfastly by their side. Established in 1996 and traditionally proclaimed by the President, it’s a month of recognition, appreciation, and reflection on the sacrifices made by our military community. For our military professionals, those who have dedicated their lives to safeguarding our freedoms, this curated reading list is an opportunity to gain fresh insights, perspectives, and inspiration. These books offer a unique window into the experiences, challenges, and triumphs of veterans and military families, fostering a deeper understanding of their journey and, in turn, enhancing leadership and empathy within the armed forces. As we celebrate National Veterans and Military Families Month, let us also embark on a literary journey that honors their stories and sacrifices.

Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead

By: J. Mattis & B. West (2019)

“Call Sign Chaos” is a compelling memoir that delves into the remarkable career of Jim Mattis, spanning leadership roles across three wars and culminating in the command of a quarter of a million troops in the Middle East. Mattis shares invaluable lessons on warfighting, diplomacy, the importance of alliances, and the strategic challenges facing the United States today. The book is divided into three sections, each focusing on different aspects of leadership, making it a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in military strategy and the development of a unique leadership philosophy while honoring his service to our country.

Places and Names

By: E. Ackerman (2019)

“Places and Names” is an extraordinary memoir by Elliot Ackerman that explores his experiences in conflict zones, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Syria. The book begins with a riveting encounter in a refugee camp in Turkey, where Ackerman, a former Marine special operation officer turned journalist, finds himself face-to-face with a former adversary. Through vivid storytelling, Ackerman delves into the complexities of war, offering his intimate insights into the human experiences of combat, bravery, and honor. His memoir also serves as a profound reflection on contemporary geopolitics, making it a powerful addition to the literature on modern warfare and honoring those who have and continue to service

The Last Hill

By: B. Drury & T. Calvin (2022)

“The Last Hill” is a gripping account of the harrowing battle that unfolded on Hill 400 during World War II. Lieutenant Colonel James Rudder’s elite 2nd Battalion, known as “Rudder’s Rangers,” was tasked with capturing and holding this strategic position in the heart of Nazi Germany. Facing determined Wehrmacht regiments, the Rangers engaged in one of the bloodiest and most costly encounters of the war, with only a fraction of them surviving the fierce battle. This book provides a vivid portrayal of their heroic actions and the pivotal role they played in the Battle of the Bulge.

Modern Warriors: Real Stories from Real Heroes

By: P. Hegseth (2020)

“Modern Warriors” by Pete Hegseth offers a collection of inspiring stories from fifteen American heroes, including highly decorated Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Marines, combat pilots, and more. Based on the hit FOX Nation show of the same name, this book features candid conversations with modern warriors, delving into their motivations for serving, their legacies, and their experiences of sacrifice and loss. Through these raw and unfiltered accounts, readers gain insights into the realities of combat and the challenges of transitioning back to civilian life, celebrating the contributions of these soldiers to the preservation of freedom.

For Love of Country

By: H. Schultz & R. Chandrasekaran (2014)

Authors Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran’s book, “For Love of Country,” is a celebration of the courage, dedication, and sacrifices made by the current generation of American veterans both on the battlefield and in their contributions at home. Through stories of uncommon valor in Iraq and Afghanistan, the authors shed light on the extraordinary acts of these servicemen and women, from saving wounded comrades in the midst of gunfire to sacrificing their lives to protect their fellow soldiers. The book also highlights how veterans continue to make valuable contributions after returning home, using their leadership skills and commitment to service to aid in disaster recovery, education, medical research, and support for military families.

The Astronaut’s Wife

By: S. Morgan (2022)

“The Astronaut’s Wife” tells the true story of Stacey Morgan, the wife of an astronaut who embarked on a nine-month mission aboard the International Space Station. While her husband was in space, Stacey faced unexpected challenges and learned valuable lessons about preparing for life’s adventures, rediscovering joy, trusting in times of weakness, and choosing hope amidst fear and uncertainty. The book offers behind-the-scenes insights into the astronaut’s family life and provides a funny, poignant, and meaningful exploration of living life to the fullest. This is a perfect read for any military family looking for insights and inspiration on how to deal with the many challenges associated with service to our nation.

The First Deployment

By: A. Luiken (2022)

This book presents the stories of six military spouses who have faced the challenges of experiencing deployment in various life stages along with pieces of the author’s story. At the core of this book, is the inspiration for displaying tenacity while understanding the realities that many military families face. The author brings readers a variety of perspectives on several key topics including mental health, birth with a spouse who is absent, parenting while a spouse is absent, overcoming the challenges faced in everyday life, and many more. “The First Deployment” is a must-read for military families and all those who provide support to the military community.

Dear Military Teen

By: S. Hyde (2022)

In “Dear Military Teen,” author Shanon Hyde draws from his experiences as a military brat to offer valuable life lessons and advice to fellow military teens facing challenges such as frequent moves and deployments. The book aims to reassure military teens that they are not alone in their experiences and provides guidance on navigating high school and college and maintaining friendships despite distance. Shanon, a Marine Corps brat and aerospace engineering student, also hosts The Shanon Show podcast and serves as the Student Liaison for the Museum of the American Military Family. This book is sure to provide military families, especially children, inspiration, perspective, and ways to address the many challenges that face all military families.

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Veterans & Military Families Month is celebrated every November to honor and recognize Veterans and Military Families alike for their commitment and contribution in support of our military and nation.

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