Adsense Adds by Google.

Time Line
10/21 – New Display add
10/21 – current add load = Skillbridge footer & header (which does not load)
10/14 – Added google adds to Army TAAPS Login
10/21 – Removed all google adds from the website
10/21 – Added widget adds to links and haircut and main sidebar (works) but they are not working…..
10/27 – All adds should be removed from DODReads (Content top section add is in the widgets but does not work)
— Installed AdInserter and I show 1 header add on all pages….

11/5 – I dis-activated monumentric adds
– 2x adds on each page. No adds on posts or home page
– Added infolinks


3/14 – I added x2 ads to the link page, significant increase in revenue

Status of Widgets

  • Header Sidebar (for amazon add) = Works
  • Front page slider area (2/3 of the page) = seems to only work on the home page…
  • Front Page Area beside slider (1/2 page) = seems to only work on home page….
  • Front Page: Content top section (full page) = seems to only work on home page…
  • Advertisement above the footer = Works,
  • Sidebar widget = works

To Do Next:

– Contact siteground my widgets not loading (only on home page)
– Site Cleanup
– next week: add an add widget on my sidebar

This is the add that goes in the <Header> </Header> not page by page

Experiment with widget adds on links

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