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The DODReads team is accepting books for review and promotion. If you are an author and interested in promoting your book to a professional military, career-focused audience please reach out.

Our focus is on books for a military audience that relates to business, leadership, biographies, philosophy, and lifelong learning. We will consider other related books upon request.

Our primary audience is mid-grade to senior-grade military officers. We are focused on those military officers who are on a lifelong journey of learning and interested in improving their whole person. We focus on philosophy, history, biographies, and military-related fiction. Preference will be given to active duty military authors.

Sponsors / Authors Services we provide

Contact me through my forum or LinkedIn (preferred)  and include the name of the book, the amazon listing (if there is one), and what type of services you are interested in. If the book looks like a good fit I will send you a link to enter the book into the DODReads Review system and you can send us the book. Our normal turnaround time is 6-8 weeks.

Free Services

Paid Services

  • Sponsorship of your work across DODReads.com, by promoting the above work across our DODReads network:  Prices start at $100 for 10,000 views.
  • Authors webpage (Example page): Prices start at $15 per month plus a $100 setup fee and include an honest book review, authors’ interview, book giveaway, promotion via our newsletter, and promotion across the DODReads social accounts. 
  • Anything else?: Our paid services allow us to fund operations and keep the website running.  Please let us know if you have any other ideas on how we can promote reading to our 150k+ per month audience

DODReads Mailing Address (Books sent prior to vetting may not be reviewed)
John Laney / DODReads
PO BOX 4026
Chula Vista CA 91909

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