Join the DODReads Team

DODReads is looking for readers, life long learners, authors, book reviewers, web designers and graphics designers to join the team. If you like our work, share our philosophy and would like to contribute please reach out to John Laney.

Benefits of Joining the DODReads team:

  • You will immediately join a network of military/business leaders, published authors, and entrepreneurs. This is a great way to prove your value outside the military.
  • You will get to meet and interact with some amazing military authors and business leaders. Interested in meeting with Admiral McRaven, Simon Sinek or ______? Lets invite them on DODReads.
  • You will be first in line for a paying job. Since we are not making money we are not able to pay; however, if/when DODReads is able to hire help you will be first in line.
  • Amazing volunteer opportunity.
  • Free books; I have limited access to a supply of free books for those already doing book reviews.

Services we offer for Authors

  • Podcast interviews on the DODReads Podcast
  • Written interview across the DODReads Network
  • Authors Profile
  • Guest post your original content articles. We are currently looking for articles on leadership; philosophy and life long learning.
  • Written and video reviews across the DODReads network
  • Please see our Authors Page for more information

Opportunities for Technical support

  • Graphics design
  • Video editing
  • Editing / copy writing
  • Website support w/ wordpress (front/back end)
  • DODReads Social Media Outreach

Opportunities for Military Leaders

  • Audio/Video/Written book reviews
  • Video/Written authors interviews
  • Articles covering topics such as life long learning, reading & military life
  • Back Page Notes
  • Outreach & Networking (ie. Hey, Admiral McRaven would you like your book featured on DODReads?)
  • Business development: We are considering funding our operations by actively selling reading lists in the summer of 2020
  • Assist in updating or adding to our Officers Toolkit
  • Something else? If you have an idea related to reading or life long learning, leadership or philosophy please pitch it to us.
  • Participate in our Board of Advisors

If you are interested in joining the team please do a few things:
1) Signup for our newsletter and follow DODReads on LinkedIn or Facebook and connect with the owner John via LinkedIn
2) Review our ethics statement; DODReads is a network of active duty military leaders, and everything we do above board and in accordance with the Joint Ethics Guidance.
3) Contact us and give us your idea

Previous position: Editor / Copy Writer

The ideal candidate would be a mid-career professional with at least 2-4 years of publishing, editing and copywriting experience.

Skills / Experience:

  • Military experience either as an active duty Service member or as a spouse is required. Any applicant must be familiar with the military lingo and military culture.
  • Writing / Editing / Copy Writing experience for atleast 2-4 years is necessary. Applicants must be able to write basic articles on military topics (ie. 5 Podcasts for Military Leaders), edit articles that others have produced, and write copy for titles, intro, excerpt, keywords ect….
  • WordPress experience is highly desired but not required. Applicants would need to use wordpress to post articles, pages, and update menus. If you do not have wordpress experience it is fairly easy to learn. I recommend you start by creating your own free blog at wordpress.
  • Self Direction This is a contract job and all work will be done at the applicants time and place of choosing. The applicant will need to work with little over-site and produce high quality content.

Example Jobs:

  • Work with authors to receive their interview questions, input the interviews into WordPress, edit the interviews, write copy for the title and intro and schedule the interviews for posting.  See my Interview section for examples:
  • Create high quality content.  I will give you topics which are specific to military readers that I would like you to research.  Research the topic, write the article and then publish the article. A recent example is the Naval Academy Reading List, or 100 Quotes for Readers.
  • Once the articles are posted on, repost them on our social media accounts
  • Be available for weekly phone calls to discuss current and future work.

If interested please contact us and be ready to provide:

  • Resume
  • Examples of your work
  • Your LinkedIn profile (if you have one)
  • Price Range for your compensation

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