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Below is the DODReads Media Kit. Please contact us below if you are an author, writer or military leader and would like to contribute to

DODReads Mission: Increase collective intelligence of the Defense community by increasing the sharing of knowledge via books, podcasts, articles, and social media.

DODReads Vision: Provide high-quality resources so that every service member has an answer to “What are you Reading?”

DODReads Talking Points:

  • DODReads inspires leaders by connecting them with inspiring leaders…
  • The Voice of what DOD is reading…
  • DODReads connects lifelong learners with reading that challenges.
  • What are you reading?…. How has that helped you?
  • We want every service member to have a good answer to the question “What are you reading?”

DODReads Founders Story:
Hi, I’m John, a 20-year Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer. Five Years ago I nearly failed my Commanding Officer Board when I could not come up with a good answer to the question of “What are you reading?”
After a good Naval flogging, I learned from the mistake and decided to chronicle my journey of lifelong learning and reading through Read the story here.
Come join me on the Journey of reading, lifelong learning, leadership, and personal development, then reach out to me let me know “What are you Reading?
John Laney

DODReads Stats
(As of Jan 2021)

DODReads hosts 100k+ monthly military professionals across our website, newsletter and social media accounts. Twitter, DODReads LinkedIn page, John Laney’s Personal Linkedin Page, FacebookInstagram, Goodreads, PodcastTwitter

DODReads team: 2 employees, 12 Advisory board members, 50+ contributors

Updated and detailed site statics available upon request.

Sponsorship Opportunities

DODReads is currently seeking military-related sponsors for our webpage, newsletter, and podcast. Please contact [email protected] for further information and prices Our graphics design team can assist with the ad upon request.

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