Notes for Government Purchase Card Holders

Purchase Orders (PO’s) and Contracts

We are federally registered and can accept purchase orders (PR&C) from contracting activities within the federal government. To process a PO, a  contracting officer will need the following information:

  • Federal DUNS# 
  • Federal Cage Code :https://cage.dla.mil/request  – complet SAM and you will get a CAGE
  • Federal EIN: 82-5039465
  • SAM Code: https://www.sam.gov/portal/SAM/

Government Purchase Card (GCPC/GPC)

Government Purchase Card purchases are accepted and processed as regular credit cards (TAX FREE).

To order using your GPC, select the option to pay by “Credit Card” or “Gvmt Purchase (GPC/GCPC).” Ensure the “Govt Tax Exempt” box is checked (if applicable, upon final checkout after entering your shipping/billing address).

In addition to an on-screen invoice, you will be sent a receipt of your order via email.

Need a Written Quote or Have a Question?

If you need a quote or have special requests (such as incorporating shipping costs into the item costs), or if you require additional information, please contact us by one of the methods below.

Phone Number:

E-mail Address: john-at-dodreads.com

Mailing Address:


Shipping List

The receipt will be produced both upon checkout and will be e-mailed to you. It will contain:

  1. Merchant Name and Address
  2. Note to forward products to the Cardholder by  Name and Code
  3. Date and price of order
  4. Requisition Number
  5. Date of shipment
  6. Itemized list of supplies.
  7. The Following Notes:
    1.  No sales tax will be charged.
    2. Items will not be back ordered.
    3. All items will be delivered no later than 30 days from order.

The Packing List will include:

  1. Merchant Name: DODReads 672 Rue Avallon Chula Vista CA
  2. Requisition Number DOD-521001
  3. Notes: No sales tax will be charged, items will not be back ordered and all items will be delivered 30 days from the order.




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