Out of Stock Policy

DODReads.com Out of Stock Policy and Terms/Conditions

While we strive to maintain ready access to every book in the military reading list; there are some books that go out of print, or are no longer reasonably available during my required  processing time. If I am unable to reasonably provide you a book I will do the following in order:

  1. Provide you a gently used book of the required title
  2. Provide you 4x replacement books of a different, but more popular, title on  military or leadership topics
  3. Refund you 2x the prorated cost per book. (ie. If you are paying a prorated cost of $24.00 per book, I will refund you $48.00 back to your Credit card)
  4. If I am unable to satisfy you with any of the above I will happily refund your order

We are a veteran owned and operated company and know the stresses you have when making purchase card orders; I will put the same energy into properly fulfilling your order as I did in my military work. Let us know if there are any customization or special requests you have.

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