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Paid Sponsored Posts

Thank you for your interest in hosting a sponsored post. Our price schedule is below and you will receive a 20% discount if you post on 4 or more sites:

** Sponsored Posts on DODReads.com stay on top of the category for 1 week. The product needs to be tightly focused on reading / leadership / professional development and I must receive a sample of the product prior to posting. 

All Paid posts must be tightly focused on the website topic so that they are able to flow naturally into the current content.

All paid posts can include up to three pictures and three links. Links will be noted as sponsored/no-follow.  All articles will stay above the fold for atleast 2 weeks and will stay on the website for atleast 2 years. 

We accept payment through paypal. Once payment is made we will post the articles in 1-2 weeks. 

All posts will be noted with a disclosure similar to: 
“This is a sponsored post by ____. While the opinions expressed are the author’s personal view, I believe that ___ has the potential to help you on your fitness/ Leadership journey”

Topics that work well for sponsored posts
  • A Book you would like to feature or story of leadership
  • A personal story of how you increased strength or endurance and the system you used for that improvement.
  • If you are the expert in something (ie. sleep, compression socks, fitness apps) and want to discuss how those things will improve you Fitness test score.
  • Training, Stretching, Nutrition, Strength/Cardio Balance, Injury prevention to help with the Fitness test.
  • Garage gym / Personal Gym for fitness Training.
  • Anything else? let us know before you start writing.

Thank you for your interest, Let me know if you would like to move forward and contact us here.

Paid Advertising

Prices for advertising start at $100 per month for the fitness websites and $100 per 10,000 views for DODReads. Please contact us here to discuss opportunities.

Non-Paid Guest Posts

If you would like to submit a guest post for DODReads please review our submission guidelines –> https://www.dodreads.com/admin/write-for-dodreads-com. This is only for bonafide guest posts that do not contain any form of advertising or marketing.

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