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Web Hosting

This website and the other 10 or so websites I own is Hosted through They are an officially recommended WordPress hosting site and I’ve been nothing buy happy with their performance. The best part of Site Ground is their service team; if you’ve been frustrated by service reps at other sites, I guarantee you will be happy at site ground. I’ve used Yahoo, Fat Cow, Blue Host, Just Host and Go daddy, and I have consistently been happy with the hosting site ground has provided. I’ve gone through four upgrades with SiteGround and am currently using their $80 per month Cloud hosting plan.

Bob Lilly of Connect Consulting

Search Engine Optimization, website development and social media optimization is provided by Connect Consulting. Bob’s experience includes business development, marketing, agency operations, human resources, risk, management, developing social media programs, and design of safety and risk programs. Bob excels in developing content for proposals, web pages and marketing documents that will set your firm apart. Bob and I have worked together for two of my websites, and I’ve been very happy with all of his work.

Brian Niswander and I have partnered since the Spring of 2019. Brian runs Which has been a fantastic resource for…….

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