Sell Your Book Military Related Book on DOD Reads

Sell your self-published military book on DODReads.com

We are currently offering a new service. We are now opening up our website to sell self-published military related books. These include books on military history, military fitness, military leadership and military-related fiction.  I offer 0% listing and 0% selling fees and will pay you once per quarter for any sales during the previous quarter.

If you have published an e-book or PDF e-book and are interested in selling the book on DODReads.com please contact me here and include the following:

1)    A copy of your E-book

2)    A short description of the e-book that can be used for marketing

3)    The proposed price of the e-book

Once I receive all the information I will review your e-book and let you know within 10 days

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