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Welcome to glad you are here! With the recent expansion of our site, I wanted to provide an overview page and give you a short intro of what DODReads has to offer. 

DODReads Background

DODReads was founded in 2018 by an active duty Naval Officer.  The impetus for starting this site was a command board that he nearly failed when he fumbled around and could not come up with the answer to a simple question “What are you reading”?  Learning through that experience he decided to chronicle his journey of lifelong learning through

You can read more about John’s story here.

Most Popular Posts

  • Guide to Commanders Philosophies – This is one of my favorite articles and goes through the process of developing a philosophy of leadership.  The article culminates with 26 example leadership philosophies to get ideas from.  
  • CIA Reading list – Once of the most popular reading list around.  The CIA reading list contains 17 books that are a great read for any interested in the intelligence services.

Popular Topics

  • Commanders Business – Most of these articles are mine, written as lessons learned from a Naval Commander currently in command.    
  • Wardroom Training – Weekly I get the officers in my wardroom together and we go through a training topic. This includes a short leadership/philosophy article and my discussion points.
  • Book Interviews – Interviews are where it all started for DODReads.  We prioritize leadership and professional development books that would be of interest to mid-career military leaders.
  • Military Reading Lists –This includes the current services reading lists and some other organizations (CIA, FBI, DIA) reading lists.

Other Services

  • Interviews for Authors, entrepreneurs, and transitioning leaders – Please reach out if you can add value and are interested in a written interview.   
  • Purchase Military book lists – I’m currently experimenting with monetizing this blog by selling Military book lists. I have business relationships with some booksellers and am able to sell the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, USMC, and Air Force reading list as a one-click purchase.
  • Anything else; How can I help you? – One of the side benefits of this blog is that I get to stay connected, and help the military brotherhood.  I’ve been helped by others and am happy to assist other entrepreneurs, veterans, spouses, and active duty service members in any way I can.  Pitch me an idea; let’s see if we can work together.

If you want to contribute

Please reach out to me if you are interested in contributing to this site. We have quite a few positions open and would love to add a few more readers to our team. All our positions are listed here.