Terms & Conditions + Government purchase Notes

Please Note: Due to COVID-19, and the priority that the government is placing on medical shipments, shipments may be delayed up to 30 days.

Purchase Orders (PO’s) and Contracts

DODReads.com is federally registered and can accept purchase orders (PR&C) from contracting activities within the federal government. The Below information may be required to process a PO :

  • DUNS: 081235778
  • CAGE: 85E63
  • EIN: 82-5039465
  • CA Seller’s Permit 251735552

Government Purchase Card (GCPC/GPC)

Government Purchase Card purchases are accepted and processed as regular credit cards (TAX FREE for DOD purchases).

Shipping List

The receipt will be produced both upon checkout and will be e-mailed to you. It will contain:

  1. Merchant Name and Address
  2. Note to forward products to the Cardholder by  Name and Code
  3. Date and price of order
  4. Order Number
  5. Date of shipment
  6. The Following Notes:
    1.  No sales tax will be charged. (if DOD Purchase)
    2. All items will be shipped no later than 30 days from order.


The book lists are delivered via USPS at media mail rate. In the event that USPS does not deliver to the specified address on base, the order will be shown complete upon delivery to the base.

Refund Policy

Refunds are offered only with prior approval and only if the received item does not match the description.

Out of Stock Policy

While we strive to maintain ready access to every book in the military reading list; there are some books that go out of print, or are no longer reasonably available during my required processing time. If I am unable to reasonably provide you a book in the required timeline we will send a partial shipment and then fulfill the remaining books as soon as the books become available. If I am unable to reasonably provide you a book I will do the following in order:

  1. Provide you a gently used book of the required title
  2. Provide you 4x replacement books of a different, but more popular, title on  military or leadership topics
  3. Refund you 2x the prorated cost per book. (ie. If you are paying a prorated cost of $24.00 per book, I will refund you $48.00 back to your Credit card)
  4. If I am unable to satisfy you with any of the above I will happily refund your order

Need A Written Quote?

If you need a quote or have special requests (such as incorporating shipping costs into the item costs), or if you require additional information, please contact us by one of the methods below.

Phone Number: 202-900-9905
E-mail: John -at- DODreads.com

Contact us here

Why do you not offer the entire reading list?

You may notice on the Navy’s and the Army’s reading list we do not offer the complete set. This is because the current Army and Navy reading list contains books that are out of print, not accessible, and only available online. Since DODReads only sells New hard copy books we are not able to source those books which are out of print. However, if there is a specific out of print book you would like please let us know and we will do our best to locate the book.

We are a veteran owned and operated company and know the stresses you have when making purchase card orders; I will put the same energy into properly fulfilling your order as I did in my military work. Let us know if there are any customizations, special requests you have, or how we can make this the easiest purchase you have ever made.

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