Write for DODReads.com & Guest Posting Policy

The DODReads’ primary audience is mid-grade to senior grade military officers or senior enlisted. We are focused on those service members who are on a lifelong journey of learning and interested in improving their whole person. We focus on philosophy, history, biographies, and military-related fiction. Preference will be given to active duty military authors or veterans.

DODReads.com is currently accepting guest posts for the following below topics:

Guest Post Policy — Book Reviews
Guest Post Policy — Back Page Notes
Guest Post Policy — Video Book Reviews
  • Video book reviews are 3-5 minutes long and are the easiest way to get your content posted on DODReads.com
Guest Post Policy – Leadership / Philosophy / Life Long Learning Articles
  • We are actively looking for articles that discuss the value of leadership, philosophy, lifelong learning, and reading. These articles should be written for a professional military audience and must be over 750 words with an ideal length being 1000 – 2500 words.
Guest Post Policy – Reading / Philosophy / Learning related Memes or pictures
  • Memes or pictures can be used as stock images and must have a connection to reading, learning, philosophy, or the military.
Guest Post Policy – Anything else??
  • We are open to considering any additional topics for military guest posts.
  • If you would like to on another topic related to military, leadership, reading, life-long learning, philosophy, or anything that would be of interest to a military audience please contact us to discuss.

Any content you produce will include your bio, picture, and links to your social media sites, websites, ect…. 

If you are interested in a guest post please contact us and provide the following items as applicable:

  •  The proposed title of the article
  • The proposed book you would like to review
  • The overall takeaway of the article in 3-4 sentences
  • An example of any of your previous articles, reviews or videos

We will review and get back with you with an answer within 10 business days.


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