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Authors Interview – Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Michael Bluemling Jr. on his book Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans. Michael is a prolific author and has published three self help books. Turning the Page: Overcoming Abuse to Reach Life’s Fulfillment, Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans, and Our Journey: Heart to Heart with God. It has been quite an honor learning from Michael and his work.

Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian – By Michael Bluemling Jr.
  • What books had the most impact on you and your development? The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and The Bible. My faith in God is what keeps me always having life in perspective and navigating through the good and bad aspects of life. I try to treat others how I want to be treated and also to share my gifts with others. Practicing positive thinking and attracting goodness in your life is what I loved most about the Secret.

  • Why is reading important for our Military and/or the Nation? Reading is very important to society and to America as a whole. Advancing your knowledge base and growing intellectually is invaluable as you transition through life. Specifically, the military transition is an area where having institutional knowledge is invaluable to continued success in the least amount of time possible.

  • Can you provide a specific example or story where reading has helped you learn from others experience? The story in the book the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann is such a powerful message of what giving back to others and how it can positively impact a persons life through a story. I took some of those principles into the volunteer work I do now that opens so many doors by giving freely without expectations.

  • Was there a specific challenge where you were able to rely on others experience to make your decision? My personal mentor, Allen Allison, is the main reason I went on to graduate with several degrees with my advanced education. When I transitioned out of the military I didn’t see the value in going back to college. Through Allen’s experiences that he shared with me I felt empowered to shape my mind in a way that moved beyond fear, while believing in myself.

  • How did your leadership and ethical philosophy develop? Having served in the United States Army taught me the most important lesson in life: “No Mission too Difficult, No Sacrifice too great, Duty First”. Learning this principle from the First Infantry Division and having worn the patch during training and real world deployments taught me that true leadership is from the front with the people around you working together.

  • Do you see one principle challenge that transitioning military continue to come across? Employment.Transitioning veterans have a tremendous skill set and we as a society have to do a better job in evaluating their knowledge, skills and abilities into higher paying jobs that they qualify for. Veterans look for an “employment up” and not an employment down after honorably serving our country.
  • Other than your book, are there any books you would recommend be added to the Military reading list? The book I love and is a true testimony of American Heroism is American Sniper by Chris Kyle. I am sure it is already on the list, but that book makes me wake up in the morning with a sense of urgency to help as many people today for their future success by empowering them for better.

Michael Bluemling, Jr.

Michael Bluemling, Jr. has overcome the abuse of his past to achieve a fulfilling life. After high school, he served in the United States Army, obtaining the rank of sergeant. He received the US Army Commendation Medal and two US Army Achievement Medals, the US Army Good Conduct Medal, the Kosovo Campaign Medal, and the NATO Medal. After an honorable discharge from the military, he held various positions in the US Department of Labor and at the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Michael holds a bachelor of science degree in business administration from ECPI University, a master of professional studies in human resources and employment relations from Pennsylvania State University, and a graduate certificate from UMass Dartmouth in Organizational Leadership. In addition, he graduated from the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) program through Florida State University.

The trauma of his past has led Michael to making a difference for others in the present. He was previously the founder of Power of One, a company intended to inspire people all over the world. Michael and the company were highlighted in U.S. Veterans Magazine in November 2013 and Disabled American Veterans Magazine in the July/August 2014 issues.

To promote his message that each person has the power to deal with adversity and move forward, no matter the circumstances, Michael has written Turning the Page: Overcoming Abuse to Reach Life’s Fulfillment, Our Journey: Heart to Heart with God, and now Bridging the Gap from Soldier to Civilian: A Road Map to Success for Veterans. Drawing upon his own personal military experiences, Michael illustrates in the book how he created his own transition program in order for other veterans to succeed in their post-military careers. He now seeks to help others by sharing that program through his new book. To learn more about Michael Bluemling Jr. please visit: he can also be reached on
Linked in or Twitter.

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