Back Page Notes – Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

Every month I try and read 2-3 books with a focus on reading books that are on the current or former military reading lists and are focused in on leadership, professional development, and philosophy. The problem is five or six months down the line I’d often forget what book I read and also forget the main points from the book. Writing notes in the margin worked for a while but it was quite a pain to go through all my books and look for notes. Writing notes on the back page worked great but if I gave the book away I lost the notes. I finally started writing all my notes in a mole skin journal, snapping a picture and sharing on DOD Reads. If you would like to share your own notes let me know below.

The First step to negotiation mastery is Get over your fear of negotiation.

Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss & Tahl Raz


  • Start with the universal premise that people want to be understood and accepted
  • We trust people when we view them as being similar (even clubs/ schools)
  • To get real leverage you must convince them that they have something concrete to lose if the deal falls through
  • Creative solutions are almost always preceded by the risk of annoyance and conflict


  • Negotiation is a process of discovery
  • Low anchor: “Ive got a lousy proposition for you”
  • When you get stuck “How am I suppose to do that” Helps get both sides creative
  • Anything followed with “because” seems more reasonable (ie firemen NEED 2000$ boots because they save lives.

1st step to negotiation mastery= Get over your fear of negotiation.

If you are a reader or author and have high quality “back page notes” from your personal reading list or military reading list that you would like published on please contact me below. I will be happy to include your notes, a short bio and picture and links to your website or socials. Feel free to share the picture or writeup; if you do share please provide links back to

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