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Back Page Notes – The Storytellers Secret by Carmine Gallo

Every month I try and read 2-3 books with a focus on leadership, professional development, and philosophy. The problem is five or six months down the line I’d often forget what book I read and also forget the main points from the book. Writing notes in the margin worked for a while but it was quite a pain to go through all my books and look for notes. Writing notes on the back page of the book worked great but if I gave the book away I lost the notes. I finally started writing all my notes in a moleskin journal, snapping a picture or typing them on a 1-page PDF to share on DODReads.

This process morphed into the creation of professional Executive Summaries which I’m happy to share below. If you would like to join me and share your own executive summary please follow the guidance here.

Experience is the best teacher; a compelling story is a close second.

Carmine Gallo

The Storytellers Secret – Carmine Gallo

  • People are more committed to their ideals than your ideals. Telling a story plants ideals and emotion in the listeners brain and the idea becomes theirs.
  • Millennials place greater focus on purpose, passion, meaning- a story does all this
  • Mood contagion: The transfer of moods between people, passion & happiness rubs off on others.

Story Flow: Struggle → Triumph

1) Trigger event: Grab attention with a question or challenge

2)Transformation: Give an emotional experience around the struggle that lead to conquering the challenge

3)Lesson: galvanize with a call to action

Experience is the best teacher; a compelling story is a close second.

If you are a reader or author and would like to publish a high quality executive summary from your personal reading list or military reading list that you would like published on DODReads.com please use this template. I will be happy to include your notes, a short bio, picture, and links to your website or socials.

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