Combat Engineer: The Life and Leadership of Colonel H. Wallis Anderson

The book, Combat Engineer, is author John Racoosin’s tribute to his grandfather, Harry Wallis Anderson. He was a railroad engineer and Army reservist born in 1890, who served with the Army Corps of Engineers in Mexico and during both World Wars. The book briefly covers Anderson’s early years but focuses most on his service during WWII.  

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The Writing and Learning Transitions of Student-Veterans

Written by a college professor to his peers, Mark Blaauw-Hara uncovers the harsh realities of the veteran-to-student transition. He offers an overdue and intimate look into the mindset of service members, presenting practical and easy solutions to a problem often ignored. Blaauw-Hara identifies the overwhelming feelings veterans may commonly face when immersed in a collegiate environment.

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Oath of Enlistment – It’s Your Oath!

You’ve taken the Oath of Enlistment to the Constitution, and perhaps administered it, too.

When’s the last time you read the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, though? Hmmm? Your perspective on the meaning of those words changes over time. Revesit it now!

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