Trust Based Leadership: Marine Corps Leadership Concepts For Today’s Business Leaders

Corporate America is experiencing a leadership crisis as thousands of senior leaders reach retirement age. Competition for vacant leadership roles will be fierce, but if you desire to serve in a leadership role or serve in more senior leadership roles, there’s a high probability that the opportunity will be yours for the taking!

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A Hero Is An Everyday, Ordinary Person Who Has Done Something Extraordinary

General Ann Dunwoody’s memoir “A Higher Standard: Leadership Strategies from America’s First Female Four-Star General” is so much more than just a re-cap of a remarkable career. While Dunwoody’s four decades in the U.S. Army would have made for a fascinating read in its own right, it’s the advice she gives that makes this book a must-read.

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How One Man’s Most Difficult Point In Their Career Was Also Their Most Rewarding

Jason Q. Bohm began his service to our nation as a Marine at the start of this tumultuous era. He takes the reader on a journey from the turbulent times at the end of the Cold War through the current fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Bohm provides candid and useful historical background as, through a series of personal vignettes and rich operational experience, he describes how Marines translated strategic and operational objectives into tactical actions. In this unique way, he not only tells his story but that of the Marine Corps, and provides an invaluable look at the challenging times confronting Marines.

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