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Command Philosophy vs Command Business Rules

A command Philosophy vs Command Business Rules

Earlier I posted about my philosophy of a command philosophy. I argued that the real utility of a philosophy is for a commander to focus his/her thoughts and help navigate the competing and conflicting priorities of command.  I also argued that since command philosophies have become so similar, they limited utility for the crew when posted on a cork board with the expectation of being read.

As such rather than a formal command philosophy I discussed one of my replacement documents; CO Business rules.   This document is essentially my operating instructions which I hand out to every new check-in, and continually refer back to as talking points.

I have found that the CO Business Rules to be a much more effective document for conveying my expectations and priorities than a command philosophy. When a new check-in arrives I am able to sit down with them and discuss point by point my expectations, priorities and how I do business.   We normally spend nearly an hour talking which allows me to elaborate and explain my points and thought process.

My CO’s Command business rules are below. Feel free to copy, plagiarize and make your own.

US Navy Commanders Business Rules 16 command Command PHILOSOPHIES

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