This is a story of overcoming life’s setbacks and adversity, building strength and resilience, and finding hope in tough times. Bert Danner shares his own story of overcoming adversity and lessons learned on his journey to becoming a US Naval Officer. He passes along practical strategies and tools for you to become more effective, stronger, and better than ever. Some of the strategies include: How to quickly overcome setbacks, How to develop a high impact mindset, How to reduce or eliminate worry and anxiety, The “X-Factor” for growth and change, How to use the power of your mind, The impact of your words and How to experience greater hope,

Tell me a little about your book Conquer.
Conquer is composed of three sections. The first section is an autobiography and journey about my childhood growing up in poverty in the Deep South through my Navy career and the years since leaving active duty. The second section provides practical strategies for the reader that I have learned both in my military career and in the years since to build mental strength and resilience. The last section of the book pertains to how one can find lasting hope in the face of overwhelming adversity and challenges. I do my best to connect with the reader by sharing my own challenges and how I was able to overcome them. Each section is distinct in its approach to connect with the reader regarding three seemingly different topics. The overall goal is to make a case that all three of these areas (overcoming challenges, building resilience, and restoring hope) are all closely aligned so that one can thrive again after facing life’s major challenges.

What is the backstory behind Conquer?
Since early adulthood, I always wanted to write a book about overcoming adversity that would encourage others to live their best life. This idea, like many others, came and went due to grown-up commitments and priorities. In recent years, I would post things on Facebook that would catch the attention of various people and they mentioned that I should write a book. I dismissed the idea entirely, but eventually, I took it to heart. Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and affected many people globally, I finally decided to write Conquer to help as many people as I could. Many people are facing massive adversity. I wanted to provide strategies learned through my own adversity and during my time on active duty in the Navy. The lessons learned and strategies can be added to their own resilience toolbox. The overall purpose was to provide a framework for becoming more resilient and answering some of the tough questions that we all encounter especially during tough times.

What is the biggest takeaway that you hope a reader will learn from Conquer?
We will all face setbacks and adversity. There is a gravitational pull for some to remain in discouragement during major adversity. How we respond to life’s challenges is a choice. We can develop the capability to overcome any setback, grow beyond our current limitations, build greater mental toughness and resilience, and experience greater hope. This book aims to provide perspectives and practical tools that can help the reader to move beyond adversity and live their best life again.

What books had the most impact on you and your development?
My favorite books are those geared towards overcoming adversity, personal development, and leadership: “Mindset” by Dr. Carol Dweck ,“Narrative of the Life” by Frederick Douglass, “Leadership, Strategy, and Tactics” by Jocko Willink, “Grit” by Angela Duckworth and finally “Atomic Habits” by James Clear

What are you reading now?
I just finished up “Harbinger 2” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. In this book, he makes a compelling case about the similarities between present-day America and Israel 2700 years ago. Israel was a prosperous kingdom that eventually fell to the Assyrian and Babylonian empires. I am re-reading the book, “How to Be Rich” by Andy Stanley. This book helps to reshape our ideas that we have in the West about wealth and being “Rich”. It is a matter of perspective. For example, it is always easy to say that other people are Rich” despite where we are financially. It is a practical guide to use what we have (whether we think we are rich or not) to be generous and help others.

What is next for you?
I am working on a leadership book about navigating difficult people and a toxic workplace. This is a growing topic that I have noticed, not only in my own work journey but one that negatively affects many people today. The mental and physical toll of a toxic work environment can be overwhelming. This book would be a practical manual to help anyone to navigate it if they find themselves in a challenging environment. Also, I am looking forward to wrapping up 2020 with a trip with my family during the Holidays to finish up an “interesting year” to say the least. We enjoy getting to the mountains for skiing and hiking around the Holidays.

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