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Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way

Named the 3rd best submarine book of all time by Book Authority and the only leadership/business book on the list of 17.

A leadership book unlike any other wrapped around the unique hull of a submarine. Tapping into the power of behavioral change through inclusion it is a step by step guide to personal and organizational transformation. With the co-author spending nearly 15 years of his career on submarines the book also captures the stress, dangers, smells and-conflicts that are part of every day life.

So unique there is a patent pending on the system described in this book. The secrets John Gregory Vincent learned will be shared with you. This will change how schools, businesses, communities and any organization that applies it, leads and develops their people. This new leadership approach will drive meaningful inclusion, and measurable improvements in engagement.

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface, submarines, hunks of metal shrouded in curiosity by those on land, are filled with a skillful crew responsible for its success. The efficiency of a strong submarine crew is the result of a community that makes acceptance of diversity and inclusion part of its expected norms. The strategies of a submarine crew have been adapted to a repeatable system that can be used by businesses and communities, allowing them to reach peak efficiency and maintain a mission-focused philosophy that promotes growth.

Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way was Named the 3rd best submarine book of all time by Book Authority and the only leadership/business book on the lis

Tell me a little bit about your book?
It is a book about leadership through the lens of inclusion. Inclusion can be driven through a system of inclusion found on submarines and retrofitted for businesses and communities by us. It’s a book about people, communication, diversity and wrapped around interesting submarine stories.  

What is the backstory behind Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way? And why did you decide to write the ultimate leadership book?
Deb was asked to do a speech for a diversity and inclusion conference, which I agreed to do since I am professionally a keynote speaker. The submarine culture and system of inclusion resonated with people. We talked about how this could be effective with organizations and communities around the US. We were followed out to our car, with enthusiastic questions.

Is there one short story from your book you would like to share?
The story of Corey is a powerful example of what a leader can do with appreciating strengths and what the individual can do with a mentor who helps them identify their talents. He went from being thrown out of the Navy to Captain of a ship today. This story in keynotes brings tears to everyone’s eye.

What is the biggest takeaway that you hope a reader will take from your book?
That all of us are better than one of us. There’s strength in numbers.

What are you reading now?
I am still working on my second book, the editor is still making changes. Before that I reread The Roadless Traveled by Scott Peck. It will never grow old.  

How did your leadership and ethical philosophy develop?
On submarines and in the Navy of course, along with my fascination with the human condition. Deb built her leadership chops leading people in the corporate world for over 25 years.

What books did you read, recommend, and which influenced your thinking on leadership?
Max DePree, Leadership is an Art and Gallup’s Soar with your Strengths. Gallup has introduced several other books that have furthered this thinking.. Good to Great is also a powerful tool for all things professional development.

Can you tell me about a failure, and how you learned through that failure and became a better individual.
When I arrived as the Command Master Chief of Corey Station, there were lots of lessons going from tip of the spear to a training command. I came on WAY too strong and damaged early relationships with my fellow Chiefs and the senior officers. So I started over after sinking then began to swam, sank and eventually beat a few speed records swimming.

What is one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your military career?
Obsession with continuous learning was always there. Sleep was optional, and learning was not. Health and a disciplined focus on it were next. Eat right, work out, eat right and work out again…sleep came many years later but sleep is now a priority as well. 

What is Next for you?
Continuing to advance The Submarine Way System through keynotes and workshops to influence every police department, business, community and university we can. It is a mission for us.

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John Gregory Vincent is a 20-year veteran of the Navy’s Submarine Force, retiring as a Command Master Chief. He is a former workplace consultant for The Gallup Organization, where he received the delivery excellence award in his last year with them as the highest, client rated Gallup consultant in the world. John is the world’s preeminent expert in driving behavioral change through inclusion and known for cultivating leaders who produce higher retention, productivity, and innovation along with other key business outcomes.

A successful entrepreneur, international keynote speaker, executive coach, author, and consultant, he founded The Genesis Group LLC in 2008 and later served as the chief talent and learning officer, before assuming his present role. He and his business partner have created a unique leadership model that is trademarked, protected by copyright, and has a patent-pending. It is the only patent-pending, inclusion focused leadership model in the world.

He is the author, along with his business partner and wife, Deborah Cake Fortin, of the bestselling book, Diversity & Inclusion The Submarine Way, recently named one of the best submarine books ever written. He also wrote the critically acclaimed book UPSIDE: A Guide to Achieving Your Full Potential in Life. John and Deb expect their latest book UP PERISCOPE. Putting Traditional Leadership in the Crosshairs, to be released in early summer of 2020.

John received a master’s in business administration with a concentration in management from Grantham University and a bachelor’s degree in human resources from Brenau University. He is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, DISC facilitator, and a former Gallup executive coach. He and Deb split time between their log home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and their home in Greenville SC.

Deb Fortin is President and Founder of the Submarine Way, after a distinguished career in the corporate world. She was Vice President and General Manager of several fortune 150 companies. Deb has led M&A teams, grown numerous businesses and turned around failing businesses in her career. Invited numerous times to President’s Club, for meeting and exceeding sales and business goals, her strategic approach to leadership development is a cornerstone of her success. Deb has also served on numerous boards, and has been an active volunteer, writing for a diversity magazine, and serving as a Guardian Ad Litem supporting children in protective services.

In 2016 after a keynote she and her husband did, to an emotional standing ovation, she quit her corporate job, and wrote a diversity and inclusion book based on her husband’s 14 years on operational submarines, where inclusion was a given and highly effective leadership the result. Diversity and Inclusion, The Submarine Way became a best seller and it has given rise to a training, coaching and consulting firm that is changing communities and businesses through a patent pending system. Deb was approached and has recently reached agreement with Simon and Schuster for a Leadership specific follow up book to Diversity and Inclusion, The Submarine Way.

Deb has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a master’s in human performance.

Deb, along with her business partner and husband, John Gregory Vincent, split time between their log home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and their home in Greenville SC.

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