DODReads Book Review Team Guidelines


  1. Maintain a professional and active social media account that has a strong military following with a minimum of 500 followers (this can be modified depending on the quality of the reviewer and if the account is growing).
  2. Optional: Add DODReads Reviewer in your experience section on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook. This allows us to notify you for company-wide updates and enables authors to reach you directly. Interact as it feels natural.


  1. Pick the book you want to review and click the ‘Request this book’ and fill out the form
  2. Within a day or two of receiving the book, take a picture of the book and thank the author / publisher / company on your social feed/s for the free book. Use the tags in the table below. See some good examples here, here, and here.
  3. Within 6 weeks, write your honest book review and, if warranted, an endorsement. Be sure to follow our submission guidelines. Email your review to with the subject line Review Complete Name of Book .
  4. Once the review is posted on, share the review via your social feed/s using the tags in the table below. More views = more opportunity for you and DODReads.
  5. If you decide to take a break from reviewing for a while, let us know via email at, including when you plan on being back. Membership on the professional book review team will be evaluated annually; we will usually remove reviewers from the team after a year of inactivity.
  6. Once you build up some reviews, you will probably have authors / publishers reach out directly and ask you to review their book. This is great! Feel free to take the book, or you can refer them to

Suggested Tags (always tag the author, co-author, and publisher)

See our general guidelines here

If you would like to recommend someone to join our book review team please direct them to this PRIVATE page and request they fill in the below form