DOD SkillBridge Ethics Page

Note: The below information intends to be a one stop summary for Army/Navy/Air Force/USMC service members who are interested in the DOD SkillBridge program.

In many regards the DOD SkillBridge program seems like an ethical minefield. It seams hard to believe that a service member is allowed to stay in the military, receive military pay, including most special pays, and work as an intern at a civilian company. While hard to believe, this it program is approved by the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretaries of all 4 Military services.
The Program is also endorsed by the Department of Labor, who recently issued two opinion letters to assist members interested in SkillBridge

However, there are some ethical concerns that service members participating in skill bridge must be made aware of. These include the receiving of gifts, intent to influence, and working with companies that bid on federal contracts. The below regulations and briefs contain amplifying information.