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Enable Your Team’s Success

Tell me a little bit about you book?
Enable Your Team’s Success walks the reader through the foundations it takes to be a successful leader and build and run a successful team. It starts with how you define your success as a person and a leader and moves to how to build your team and lead them. I explains the concepts in easy to understand terms and then shows the reader how he applied those fundamentals in business, Special Forces and on the rugby pitch.

Is there one short story from your book you would like to share?
Many people and books tell you to do what gives you passion and you will never work another day in your life. That is ideal. I am a realist and while that is possible, and I encourage you to pursue your dreams, reality is what we have to deal with every day. But that is what work and or employment is. What we are working towards here is achieving our individual defined success. Your success can be a combination of things, it can be working a job that provides you with enough pay and time to pursue your passion to coach a sports team, help out veterans, create a safe place for people hurting to come together, any number of combinations, even working a job so you can trek across Hindu Kush for 6 months. Success is defined by you and only you and determining what it looks like helps us get up and go every day. I have a friend who spent his entire working life working as a freelance engineer. He’d work on a project for a finite period of time, months or a year or two, not a career. Then he would take time to explore, trek, or visit people and things he wanted to. His success has been achieved by working on challenging projects, then doing and seeing what he wanted to do and see, after earning the finances to get there.

What is the biggest takeaway that you hope a reader will take from your book?
Two things, first you can’t have success alone. You must have a team. The team doesn’t have to be on your payroll, but you positively absolutely can’t do it on your own. Second, you should understand what success looks like for you today and pursue. I say today, because our envisioned success can change as we grow and change in our life, relations and business.

How has writing “Enable your Team’s Success” made you a better thinker and better person?
The process of writing a book takes dedication. The creating part is not as hard as I thought it would be but committing to the schedule and meeting deadlines was tough. It has also helped show me that if I put my mind to something, no matter how far from what I thought I would be doing before starting, I can do it.

What does a great leader look like to you?
A great leader is someone who has a vision for excellence for himself and his team and is able to communicate that vision to his team and motivate them to give the accomplishment of the vision their all by adopting the vision as their own vision of success also. The foundational trait of leadership that a great leader MUST have is trust. He has to trust his team to do what he hired them to do and that they will perform at their best in every effort because they believe in the vision and pursuit of something greater than themselves.

What are you reading now?
I’m reading multiple books right now, on the spiritual side, I’m reading Messiah and 8 Questions God Can’t Answer; on the professional side I am reading SPIN Selling; and on the developmental side I am reading A Book of Five Rings.

How did your leadership and ethical philosophy develop?
My leadership philosophy began with me learning from my dad in Boy Scouts as well as being in leadership positions in the Boy Scouts. While in college at Texas A&M University I assumed multiple leadership positions including our cadet Ranger company, Rudder’s Rangers. I also enlisted in the Texas National Guard so I could get additional experience about what it is like to be a private prior to becoming a lieutenant. As my career advanced into Special Forces, I learned more about what a great leader is by watching leaders I admired and those that I didn’t admire. Knowing what you want and what you don’t want are both just as important as the other. Sometimes, we don’t know what we want but we know what we don’t want.

What books had the most impact on you and your development?
Endurance, the story of Sir Shackelton’s journey to find the South Pole which turns into a story of leadership and survival.

Writing a book is tough, were there any surprises as you set out on that journey?

Ugh, the editing was painful. I hired an editor and when I got my rough draft back, it was like I was back in high school English class. There were marks ALL over the draft and I had to go through and clean it up and make sure that every recommended change made sense and didn’t change the context of what I was saying.

What is Next for you?
I have a few new lines of business that I am starting, along with my strategic and leadership development. First is matching veteran owned businesses to large corporations with existing contracts that want to diversify their vendor pool with veteran owned businesses. Second, I am starting a group of masterminds in Colorado that I call Get it Together Mastermind. These masterminds are focused on creating teams of people to help the members succeed in and grow their business to massive success. I also co-host a podcast with my youngest son called The Cam & Otis Show. I write a weekly newsletter called Monday Moments. Finally, I am working on my next book about how to run a startup.

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Otis W. McGregor III, CPD, CPC, LTC (R)
Otis’ passion is creating better leaders, he focuses his business on this daily. Otis has spent his career creating better leaders, in the Army Green Berets and businesses large and small. Otis’ passion supports other people to achieve their success. He retired from the Army in 2009 as a Green Beret Lieutenant Colonel following 25 years of service. Since retiring from the Army, Otis has been the Business Development Director and Manager for several companies ranging in size from very small to very large corporations. He founded LTO Enterprises in 2010, as a consulting firm focused on business development. In 2017, Otis pivoted LTO to create better leaders of high performing teams and performance coaching for business leaders and athletes. He is CEO & Head Coach of LTO Enterprises and co-host of The Cam & Otis Show podcast and author of Enable Your Team’s Success: Succeed in Life and Business with a Strong Team. He has 3 grown children and lives with his wife in Colorado.

Otis can be reached via Website, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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