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How to Nominate a book to the Military’s Reading List

The following is a quick contact list for submitting a book to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air-Force or Coast Guard’s official reading list. As each service is responsible for maintaining their own reading list there is no central nominating authority. Rather each service is responsible for receiving requests for nominations, vetting those nominations, choosing their book list and then publishing that list.

Navy Reading List Nomination

The Navy War College, located in Newport Rhode Island, is responsible for the publication of the Navy’s reading list; also known as the Chief of Naval Operations Professional Reading Program (CNO PRP) The Navy Reading program office can be reached via @navyreading or  401.841.3145.

Marine Corps Reading List Nomination

The Marine Corps University Research Library, located in Quantico VA, is responsible for the publication of the Marine Corps reading list, also known as the Marine Corps Commandant’s professional reading list. Submitting a book to the Marine Corp reading list is a two-step process. First, you must fill out the nomination form, submit that form to and then mail a hard copy book to:





Air Force Reading List Nomination       

The Chief of Staff of the Air Force and his Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force is responsible for developing the Air Force Reading list. Once developed the list is published on the Defense Media Activity website. If you are interested in submitting a book, film, blog or TED talk for the AF Reading list contact: with a short description of the book, short summary, and justification of why it should be submitted to the reading list.

Army Reading List Nomination

The US Army Chief of Staff is responsible for the creation of the Army reading list. Once developed the list is published on the Army History Center’s website.  While there is no formal process for nominating a book to the Army reading list, the Army History Center can be emailed at

US Coast Guard Reading List Nomination

Every year on New Year’s day the Commandant of the Coast Guard releases his reading list. This list is released via message and also posted on the official USCG Web page.  To recommend a book to the USCG reading list e-mail the enclosed template to

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