Just Show Up

I’m not sure if you watched the Boston Marathon, but it was hard to miss the fact that Des Linden was the first American Woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years.

While she has quite a remarkable story, there were two parts of her experience  that I would like to highlight.

Although the weather was miserable, she was not feeling good and she was cold, she continued to tell herself to “Just show up for one More mile”

“It’s cold wet and miserable outside, and my bed is much nicer”

“Ok, just get your clothes on and warm up”

“I’m not feeling good and don’t want to start”

“OK, lets just start the race and see where it goes”

“I’m already behind and waiting for a team mate”

“OK, lets get my team mate back to the pack”

“At Mile 22 I’m sick, cold, and hurting”

“OK, make it to mile 23”

The other thing that I found even more remarkable was that she won even after waiting for a teammate who made a bathroom stop. While Des’ intention was to cut the wind and help her teammate regain the pack, the action came full circle and resulted in her win.

Whether you are an elite Marathon runner, or an everyday person the two lessons of “just show up for one more mile” and the importance of having a buddy to work with are critical lessons in everyones personal development.

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