Webmail Air Force

External USAF Webmail access

There are currently three ways to access Webmail Air Force from your home computer (external computer) for with those with a @us.af.mil email address. If you are having issues with one please try all three prior to requesting help from your local communications focal point (CFP):

Air Force Office365https://usaf-my.dps.mil
Webmail Air Force Home stationhttps://owa.us.af.mil
My Air Force Portalhttps://www.my.af.mil/
Select the “Authentication”/16-didgit PI certificate to access your email via the internet

Internal Webmail Air Force Access

Access Webmail Air Force via https://webmail.apps.mil/owa
This is to be used when on the AFNET or on a VPN (ie. AFNet VPN)
Select the “Authentication”/16-didgit PI certificate to access your email via the internet

The Guide to connect to OWA and Air Force Webmail from your home computer


If you are still having problems login onto OWA Webmail Air Force mail on your home computer:

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