Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – on anger

This meditation is in the same vein as Marcus Aurelius Meditations. Marcus Aurelius was a stoic philosopher and the last of five “good” emperors of Rome. He wrote frequently in his journal meditations on life such as getting out of bed in the morning, the shortness of life and not being too proud of your position. He would frequently write letters to himself to remind him that even though he is an emperor, he is no better than any other man in Rome.

Like many men Marcus struggled with anger. He would write in his journal practical ways to help him self choose not to get angry and remind himself that the people making him angry are flawed humans just like himself.

I do not get angry when my 40 year old back acts like an old man’s back

I do not get angry when my 40 year old eyes or teeth act like they are 40 years old

I do not get angry when I wake up and put my feet on a cold tile floor.

I do not get angry when I hear a dog barking in the middle of the night, or get into a hot car in the middle of July.

I do not get angry when I put myself under stress when I work out, take a cold shower, run, or read hard material.




Why should  I get angry when my kids act like 7 year olds?

When my wife acts like a woman?

My coworkers act like coworkers?

Humans act like humans?

My boss acts like a boss?

I can not control others actions; only my response to that action.

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