Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – On the Corner Office

This meditation is in the same vein as Marcus Aurelius Meditations. Marcus Aurelius was a stoic philosopher and the last of five “good” emperors of Rome. He wrote frequently in his journal meditations on life such as getting out of bed in the morning, the shortness of life and not being too proud of your position. He would frequently write letters to himself to remind him that even though he is an emperor, he is no better than any other man in Rome.

Today I moved into the Commander’s Corner office. It is a great office with three big windows and a great view.  I have a comfortable sitting area and nice wooden desk for meetings. I even have my own parking spot which my European car slides into quite easily…

By all measures I have arrived….

But Wait…

There have been at least nine other commanders before me and there will be at least nine other commanders after me.

15 years ago they called me the know-nothing Ensign; and in 15 years they will call me the know-nothing old man.

Nobody cares about what college I want to, how well I did as a boxer, or my grades; and in a few years no one will care about this.


Be humbled by this job and keep a loose hold on your earthly trappings of success.

Remember, just like you had no control over being born, and will have no control over your death you had no control over the selection to this position and will not have control over when you are relieved.

No matter what you do 99% of if it will be quickly forgotten.

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