Navy E-Leave Login

Login to the Navy’s Electronic Leave system via this link: https://nsipsprod-sdni.nmci.navy.mil

Following the above login link will take you to the Navy’s Standard Integrated Personnel System (SNIPS).

Navy E-leave Login
  1. Using your Common Access Card (CAC) enter your PIN
  2. Once in SNIPS Accept the Privacy Act Statement
  3. Look toward the bottom of the screen for a icon with a set of sunglasses on the beach
  4. Once you have successfully accessed the Navy’s E-leave system you will be able to apply for leave, approve leave, see how much leave you have remaining and check on the status of your leave.

NSIPS Access Requests

NSIPS Access:  SAAR-N Form OPNAV 5239/2011 request for NSIPS, Electronic Service Record and WEB ADHOC should be submitted to nsips-saar’[email protected] , a hard copy of request is required for access to an specific online request that is available at the NSIPS website. If additional assistance is required review Military Pay Advisory (MPA 32/15). 

Issues Accessing E-leave

Issues and questions regarding the Navy’s E-leave logon can be directed to the NSIPS and E-Leave Help Desk: Toll Free: 877-589-5991, Comm: 504-697-5442, DSN: 312-647-5442,   email: [email protected]

NOTE: While Navy E-leave is currently accessed through NSIPS, it will soon migrate over and be accessible through My Navy Portal.

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