COMPLETE Navy Eval Writing Guide

The DODReads Navy Eval Writing Guide contains your one-stop-shop for writing your Navy Eval or FITREP. See our table of contents for the Official Eval Instruction, Example Bullets, Opening/closing lines, Calendar, and more. If there is something you want to see in this Navy Eval Writing guide that is not here drop us a line here or leave us feedback below. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Navy Eval Writing Guide Table of Contents

Navy Eval References and Resources

Below are the references, calendar, resources, and official instructions you need to get started writing your Navy Evaluation. If there is something you need that is not here, drop us a line below.

Navy Eval Instruction (BUPERS 1610.10E) (1300)


Navy Evaluation Brag Sheet

Brag sheets for Navy Evaluations are not “doctrinally mandated” what this means is that there is no official instruction or process to put together your Navy Bragsheet. Therefore each command may have a slightly different process / template / procedures for sailors putting together their Brag sheet for an upcoming Evaluation. Below is just one example for download; but before submitting this to your Chief please verify this is the proper bragsheet template.

In the event you are unable to download NAVFIT 98 for your E1-E6 Navy Evaluation the below Navy Eval PDF form can be used.


Navy Eval Writing Calendar (170)

Download the Navy Eval Planning Calendar. Contains the due dates for EVALS/FITREPS Active and reserve. Print it out, stick it on your board and never write your Navy Eval late again.


Download NAVFIT 98

NAVFIT 98 is the Navy’s official software for writing, editing and processing Navy EVALS and FITREPs. The software can be downloaded directly from the Naval Personnel Command’s webpage –>

Navy Evaluation Books for Purchase

While not absolutely necessary for writing a Navy FITREP or Evaluation, below are a few books to consider for your professional Naval leader’s bookshelf. May I suggest that if you are considering one of these books you first review some of the free material online at,, and of course this Navy Eval Writing Guide prior to purchasing.

The Sailor’s Guide to Appeals, Corrections, Complaints and Statements for Navy Records (PDF)


Navy Evaluation Example Bullets and Statements

Here we get down to the “brass tacks” of writing you Navy Evaluation. If you are pressed for time start with our famous 2-minute evaluation and see how that looks. Below is also a list of hard hitting verbs, adjectives and recommended bullets for using in your eval.

The Famous 2 Minute Evaluation

Have your Evaluation complete in three Easy Steps

  1. Copy this text to a word document
  2. Replace <<CONTENT>> with the actual information
  3. In two minutes you will have a darn good EVAL


<<YOUR NAME>> is a trusted and valued member of my <<YOUR PEER GROUP>>. Whether attending to a planning effort, addressing administrative concerns, or executing <<YOUR COMMUNITY>> operations, he exercises sound judgment, takes definitive action, and delivers top-notch results

TRUSTED ADVISOR: Over the last, <<TIME AT YOUR COMMAND>> <<YOUR NAME>> has been my trusted advisor. He has provided expert recommendations on both mundane and critical command level decision. He provides expert strategic level guidance and has earned my complete confidence in his judgment. Expertly led his <<UNIT YOU LEAD>> through the planning and execution of <<LAST EXERCISE / DEPLOYMENT>>.

RESPECTED MENTOR: Responsible for the mentorship, professional development, career advice and guidance for my <<DIVISION/DEPARTMENT/COMMAND YOU ARE OVER>>. <<YOUR NAME>> led formal and informal training in order to further develop these Navy Leaders into future Department Heads, Commanding Officers and Command Master Chiefs.

LEADS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT: <<YOUR NAME>> took the lead in improving processes for numerous command operations to include <<YOUR TOP 2-3 COLLATERAL DUTIES>>. His work is flawless, and I have complete trust in <<HIS/HER>> management over these complex programs.

COMMUNITY EXPERT. Consistently contributes expertise of <<YOUR COMMUNITY>> doctrine and training. Adept in “big picture” planning, yet capable of diving into the details. His rapid synthesis of tactical and operational information has been the cornerstone of his commands success. <<YOUR NAME>> is quickly growing into the <<YOUR COMMUNITIES>> LEADING SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT.

OUTSTANDING LEADER: <<YOUR NAME>> is a true operational leader. I handpicked him to lead my very challenging <<UNIT YOU LEAD>> which <<HE/SHE>> has done with flawless results. Most impressive was how <<HE/SHE>> turned around <<CHALLENGING PROGRAM>> from failing status to outstanding.

BRILLIANT TACTICIAN: My lead <<WATCH STATION>> watchstander onboard <<YOUR UNIT>>. <<your name>> effectively leads <<HIS / HER>> peers and juniors alike for tactical guidance. Most notably <<HE / SHE>> was looked to for expertise and guidance during the challenging <<LAST CHALLENGING TACTICAL EVOLUTION>>


325 Verbs for EVAL Writing

Looking for just the right verb to describe a sailors performance? Below are are 325 verbs to help you with the process. As a quick reminder from Grammer School, Verbs describe an action, state, or occurrence.

accelerate; accept; acquaint; absorb; adapt; add; acquire; act; administer; admire; adhere; adjust; affect; afford; adopt; advance; aim; align; aggravate; aid; analyze; annex; alleviate; allow; approach; approve; applies; appreciate; assert; arouse; arrange; aspire; associate; assess; assimilate; assist; attract; assume; attach; attain; benefit; augment; avert; benefit; charge; carry; challenge; change; combine; cherish; choose; cite; compel; commemorate; command; commend; comprise; complete; compose; constitute; compile; consolidate; conceive; conduct; continue; contribute; construct; contain; coordinate; control; convert; convey; decrease; convoke; correct ; correlate; deliver ; dedicate; delegate; deliberate ;deserve; demonstrate; depict; demand; determine; detract; design; deter ; devote; dictate; develop; devise; discern; discharge; diminish; direct; discover; dispatch; disclose; discontinue ;distinguish; distribute; diversify; displaying; earn; edit; dominate; drive; efface; effect; educate ; educe; elicit; eliminate ; elate; elevate; embody; embark; embellish; emanate; employ; emerge; enact; embrace; emulate; enable; endeavor; empower; encourage; encroach; encounter; enforce; engage; energize; enlighten; enumerate ;excel; enlarge; exalt; exert; establish; evoke; expend; execute; exemplify; exercise; fabricate; exhaust; exhibit; expedite ; finish; experience; expose; express; foster; facilitate; fashion; figure; father; formulate; form; heighten; forge; gain; furnish ; further ; impel; generate; gratify ; handle; impose; illustrate; imbue; impart ; improvise; implant; impede; import; inject; improve; implement; instill; impress ; infuse ;initiate; insure ; inform; instigate; inspire; install ; invigorate; institute ; instruct; instrumental; magnify; intensify; introduce; instruct; materialize; invoke; issue; justify; modernize; manage; manifest; mark; originate; merge; mitigate; met; operate; motivate; obtain; overwhelm; perform; outweigh; overcome; perfect; persuade; penetrate ;perceive; persist; place; permit ;persevere; please; possess; phrase; prepare ; pertain; preclude; present ;preserve; promote ;propel ; progress; project ;prove; provide; propose; prosper ;qualify; quicken; push; rally; reach ; radiate; raise; receive; reclaim ; realize ; rebuild ;reconcile; recondition; recognize; recommend; reinforce; reestablish; rectify; reduce; reflect; reform; refashion; refine; regard; regenerate; refresh; regain ;release; render; regularize; rehabilitate ; reorganize; replace; renew; renovate; restore ; result; represent; resolve ;revise; revive; resume; reverberate; rotate; rouse; revolutionize ; reward; secure; seize; satisfy; season; serve; share; select; show; signify; solicit; shoulder; spread; stabilize; steer; specialize; strengthen; succeed; support; stimulate; surpass; survey; symbolize; surge; undergo ;undertook; unravel; urge; utilize; withstand; unite

122 Adjectives for Eval Writing

Looking for some adjectives for your FITREP or Evaluation?  Below are 122 Adjectives to help you with the process. As a quick reminder from Grammer school, Adjectives are words that describe, identify and further define nouns and pronouns.

ABLE: capable, efficient, competent, skillful, clever, gifted, proficient
ACCOMPLISHED: cultivated, learned, skillful, proficient, finished
ACUTE: sagacious, astute, shrewd, discerning, keen, sharp
ADMIRABLE: excellent, commendable, estimable, praiseworthy
AFFABLE: amiable, gracious, friendly, sociable, approachable
AGGRESSIVE: energetic
AMBITIOUS: aspiring, zealous, desirous
ARDENT: zealous, enterprising, eager
ARTFUL: crafty, designing, shrewd, dexterous, skillful, adroit
ASSURED; self-possessed, confident
ASTUTE; shrewd, quick, bright acute
BRILLIANT: distinguished, illustrious, clever, sparkling, keen
CALM: impassive, placid, serene, cool-headed, composed, unruffled
CAPABLE: proficient, competent, qualified, able
COMMENDABLE. praiseworthy
COMPETENT: qualified, able, fit, efficient, capable
COMPLEX: intricate, involved, complicated
CONFIDENT: certain, sure, positive, assured, self-sufficient
CONFORMABLE: adaptable, compliant, agreeable
CONSCIENTIOUS: scrupulous, exact, painstaking
CONSTANT: continual, steadfast, staunch, loyal, unchangeable
COUNTLESS: numberless, innumerable, incalculable, illimitable
COUPLED WITH: in addition to
CUNNING: crafty, artful, dexterous
DAUNTLESS: undaunted, brave, fearless, courageous
DETERMINED: resolute, resolved, decided, firm, indomitable
DEVOTED: ardent, eager, loyal, faithful
DEXTEROUS: adroit, clever, expert, proficient, handy
DIFFERENT: various, incongruous, diversified, varied
DIRECT: straight, undeviating, unswerving, straightforward
DISCERNING: discriminating, clever, keen, subtle
DISTINCT: separate, explicit, definite, clear, distinguishable
DISTINCTIVE: distinguishing, characteristic, peculiar
DISTINGUISHED: celebrated, famous, illustrious, renowned, noted
EAGER: ardent, zealous, fervent, earnest, intent
EFFECTIVE: adequate, telling, effectual, efficient, capable, operative
EFFICIENT: effective, operative, capable, competent
ENERGETIC: strong, forcible, enterprising, active, strenuous, forceful
EQUIVALENT: correspondent, tantamount, equal, convertible, synonymous
ESSENTIAL: vital, requisite, necessary, inherent, basic, substantial
EVIDENT: clear, obvious, manifest, apparent, indubitable, distinct
EXCEPTIONAL: extraordinary, uncommon, rare, unusual, superior
EXHAUSTIVE: comprehensive, all-inclusive, thorough
EXPERIENCED: capable, efficient, trained, qualified, skilled
EXPERT: skilled, adroit, proficient, dexterous, finished
EXTRAORDINARY: remarkable, eminent, rare, uncommon, unusual
EXTREME: utmost, ultra, advanced, radical
EXULTANT: jubilant, elated, triumphant, pleased, satisfied
FABULOUS: extravagant, incredible, ethical, legendary
FACILE: feasible, practicable, within reach, accessible, dexterous, skillful
FAITHFUL: constant, true, loyal, staunch, trustworthy, reliable
FASTIDIOUS: particular, precise, meticulous, exacting, discerning, keen
FAVORABLE: auspicious, advantageous, propitious, helpful, beneficial
FERVENT: ardent, vehement, impassioned, intense, fiery
FINAL: crowning, conclusive, ultimate, last, farthest
FINE: exquisite, elegant, polished, finished, acute, nice, fastidious, excellent,
FINISHED: consummate, faultless, skilled, experienced
FIRM: rigid, fast, secure, determined, resolved, steadfast, staunch
FORCEFUL: effective, telling, graphic, vivid
ILLUSTRIOUS: famous, distinguished, eminent, renowned
IMPLANTED: inset, infused, instilled
IMPORTANT: material, notable, marked, outstanding, remarkable, noteworthy,
INCESSANT: continual, uninterrupted, unceasing
INDICATIVE: significant, characteristic, representative, expressive
INDUSTRIOUS: assiduous, diligent, busy, hardworking
INEXHAUSTIBLE: unfailing, unlimited
INFALLIBLE: unfailing, reliable, indubitable, certain, sure
INFECTIOUS: catching
INFINITE: countless, innumerable, boundless, unbounded, immeasurable
INFLEXIBLE: firm, stiff, unyielding, grim, stern
INGENIOUS: resourceful, inventive, clever, adroit
INHERENT: intrinsic, innate, inseparable, essential
INTENSE: extreme, profound, acute, keen, concentrated, ardent
INVALUABLE: priceless, precious
INVARIABLE: regular, constant, unchangeable
INVINCIBLE: unyielding, uncompromising, unconquerable, indomitable
KEEN: eager, ardent, acute, discerning, shrewd, quick
MANIFEST: apparent, evident, conspicuous, striking, prominent, notable
MARKED: conspicuous, prominent, noticeable
MATCHLESS: unequaled, supreme, peerless
MEMORABLE: notable, remarkable
NOTEWORTHY: remarkable, exceptional, extraordinary
OUTSTANDING: eminent, prominent, signal
PAINSTAKING: diligent, careful, particular
PARAMOUNT: supreme, chief, dominant
PEERLESS: Unrivaled, matchless, supreme, unequaled
PENETRATIVE: acute, discerning, astute
PERCEPTIBLE: perceivable, cognizable, discernible, visible
PERCEPTIVE: knowing, percipient, cognitive
PERFECT: faultless, immaculate, impeccable, flawless, inimitable,
PERSISTENT: persevering, unfailing
PERSPICUOUS: clear, lucid, explicit, exact distinct intelligible, manifest
PERTINACIOUS: persistent, firm, constant, resolute, unyielding
PLACID: calm, peaceful, gentle, serene, unruffled, undisturbed
PLEASURABLE: gratifying, pleasing, delightful, agreeable
POSITIVE: emphatic, inescapable, certain, absolute
POSSESSING: possessed of, master of, in possession of, endowed,
PRECISE: prim, rigid, unbending, exact, definite, punctilious
PREDOMINANT: ruling, controlling, supreme
PREEMINENT: distinguished, renowned, foremost, paramount, superior,
PRESSING: urgent, persistent, critical, exacting
PRODIGIOUS: huge, vast, immense, enormous, portentous, astonishing,
PROFICIENT: expert, adept, masterly, dexterous, adroit, skillful
PROMINENT: marked, salient, important, distinguished, influential
REMARKABLE: distinguished, noteworthy, memorable, rare
RESOLUTE: determined, unflinching, firm, steadfast, tenacious, indomitable,
SEDULOUS: diligent, persevering, untiring, assiduous
STEADFAST: constant, steady, persevering, firm, loyal
STERN: grim, unyielding, resolute
STIMULATING: inspiring, keen, spirited
STRENUOUS: active, energetic, ardent, zealous, resolute, persevering,
TACTFUL: diplomatic, conciliatory
TENACIOUS: persistent, persevering, unyielding, unwavering
UNBOUNDED: boundless, unlimited, endless
UNEQUALED: unmatched, unparalleled, incomparable, inimitable, unique
UNEXCITABLE: stoical, calm, cool-headed, unruffled
UNIQUE: unparalleled, unequaled, unsurpassed, unusual, rare, unprecedented
UNPARALLELED: peerless, unrivaled, inimitable, unique
VAST: immense, enormous, great, infinite, boundless
VERSATILE: many-sided
ZEALOUS: earnest, ardent, eager

Navy Eval Opening / Closing Statements

The top and bottom lines are the most important lines in the eval. No matter how well the rest of the Navy Eval is written it is the top and bottom bullets that really hold the weight. As an XO of four different commands, I put the most focus on making sure the top and bottom lines clearly conveyed to the board my thoughts on the officer. I’ve heard it many times said that the top and bottom lines are written to the board, while the middle lines of your Eval are written to the service member.

Generally, I would write the top bullet to the statutory (promotion) board and the bottom bullet to the administrative board. This allowed me to provide my recommendation with regard to an sailors promotion and whether that sailor ready for Chief or the next career milestone.

For example, a high performing First Class would receive top/bottom bullets such as:


One performing at a lower level would receive (note the lack of a breakout)

While a sailor not yet ready would receive:

While an petty officer with problems would probably not even receive a top or bottom bullet.


Fitrep / EVAL forms can be sent to: Navy Personnel Command (PERS-32), 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-3201

For Technical Assistance with NAVFIT 98: 1-833-330-MNCC (1-833-330-6622) or email: [email protected], website:

For Navy Eval / FITREP Policy questions: 1-833-330-MNCC (1-833-330-6622) email: [email protected], website:

Navy Ask the Chief Forum:

Future Categories

Navy Eval Bullets (1300)

Navy Eval Writer (4400)

Navy Eval Brag Sheet


Feel free to reach out to us below if you would like to see any additions to this Navy Eval Writing Guide. We would love to hear from you

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