Officer Training – Discipline and Lethality

Every week the officers in our command get together and spend 20 minutes on personal and professional development training. It is a time of discussion where we view a short video or read a short article and then discuss how we can use that information to make ourselves better, our command better, and our Navy better; in that order. The training also gives me the opportunity to learn from the collective and share my thoughts and prospective from 20 years of hard won experience.

Last Month the Secretary of Defense released his memorandum on Disciplinary and Lethality. Below are our discussion questions

  • What does it mean to have a “more disciplined force?”
  • How do you distinguish the difference between a mistake and lack of discipline?
  • What is an individual mistake and what is a process mistake?
  • How can you or the command apply this information this week?
  • What is an example of the harder right vs. easier wrong decision?
  • What is an example of a right vs right decision?
  • How can you or the command apply this information this week?
SECDEF - Dicipline and Lethality

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