Officer Training

Officer Training – Reflections on Leadership: Investing in our People

Every week the officers in our command get together and spend 20 minutes on personal and professional development training. It is a time of discussion where we view a short video or read a short article and then discuss how we can use that information to make ourselves better, our command better, and our Navy better; in that order. The training also gives me the opportunity to learn from the collective and share my thoughts and prospective from 20 years of hard won experience.

This week we discussed Reflections on #Leadership by Kurt Taylor. He starts off with the quote “ To command is to serve, nothing more, nothing less”

  • What do you think about the statement “ the best indicator of a leaders potential is the quality of their investments in their subordinates?”
  • Have you seen any statues of Colonel Fox Conner? Why not?
  • If the Purpose of Counseling is to improve the counseled how SHOULD we counsel?
  • Where have you done your best counseling?
  • Where have you received your best counseling?
  • How can you or the command apply this information this week?
  • How is you leadership doing?
Reflections on Leadership, Investing in people

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