Officer Training

Wardroom Training – The Stoic Mindset

Every week the officers in our command get together and spend 30 minutes on personal and professional development training. It is a time of discussion where we view a short video or read a short article and then discuss how we can use that information to make our selves better, our command better, and our Navy better; in that order. The training also gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts and prospective from my 20 years of experience.


This week’s Khaki / Wardroom training was on the article Stoicism – By the

Below were our questions and discussion points. 

  • What is the intent of philosophy?
  • How does the philosphy you learned in College differ from Stoicism?
  • What was your key exercise?
  • Are most of the things that frustrate us in the Navy inside our outside our control?
  • What can you apply today?



If you have an additional article or video along with discussion points for officer training please contact me and I will post. 

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