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DODReads is now on the Authorized SkillBridge Locations List and is currently considering interns for the fall Season. Please reach out to John Laney via LinkedIn and let me know you are interested in learning about our online SkillBridge Internship.

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SkillBridge Basics (For All Services)

Skillbridge is a DoD program that allows for any service member who: 
  • Has served at least 180 days
  •  is within 180 days of separation or retirement
  • Will receive an honorable discharge
  • Has taken any service TAPS/TGPS
  • Has attended or participated in an ethics brief within the last 12 months

To participate in an apprenticeship or internship for up to six months with civilian organizations.  Approval for this program is delegated the first O-5 or above in the service member’s chain of command who has UCMJ Authority.

The Skill Bridge Training Organizations must:
  • Offer the service member training that would lead to a high probability of employment (not necessarily at the same organization)
  • Offer the training at little or no cost to the member
  • Provide skills that are required to successfully perform occupations in the civilian workforce
  • Not create a conflict of interest for the service member

DOD SkillBridge Resources

  • Sample MOUThis is an example memorandum of understanding between the prospective civilian skill bridge company and the commanding officer of the service member applying for the internship
  • Compensation Opinion White Paper – A white paper providing legal and regulatory justification for a servicemember receiving per-diem while particapating in the Skill Bridge program away from home base.
  • SkillBridge Basics PPT – A comprehensive power point for publicizing skill bridge ( all information in the PPT is already included in this page)

DOD SkillBridge Ethics Resources

In many regards the DOD SkillBridge program seems like an ethical minefield. It seams hard to believe that a service member is allowed to stay in the military, receive military pay, including most special pays, and work as an intern at a civilian company. While hard to believe, this it program is approved by the Secretary of Defense, and the Secretaries of all 4 Military services.
However, there are some ethical concerns that service members participating in skill bridge must be made aware of. These include the receiving of gifts, intent to influence, and working with companies that bid on federal contracts. The below regulations and briefs contain amplifying information.

Service Specific Summary Pages

Big Thanks to Elizabeth Dietzmann and Jon Macaskill for doing all the work putting these resources together

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