Air Force Career Skills Program (aka. SkillBridge)

Note: The below information intends to be a one stop summary for Army/Navy/Air Force/USMC service members who are interested in the DOD SkillBridge program.

Air Force Career Skills Program References

  • DOD Job Training, Employment Skills Training, Apprenticeships, and Internships (JTEST-AI) for Eligible Service Members DODI 1322.29 – This is the overarching instruction and “Ref A” for any of the service specific SkillBridge references.
  • Official DOD SkillBridge Website –
  • Air Force Voluntary Education Program AFI 36-2649

Air Force Career Skills Program (Skillbridge) Basics

Skillbridge is a DoD program that allows for any service member who: 
  • Has served at least 180 days
  •  is within 180 days of separation or retirement
  • Will receive an honorable discharge
  • Has taken any service TAPS/TGPS
  • Has attended or participated in an ethics brief within the last 12 months

To participate in an apprenticeship or internship for up to six months with civilian organizations.  Approval for this program is delegated the first O-5 or above in the service member’s chain of command who has UCMJ Authority.

The Skill Bridge Training Organizations must:
  • Offer the service member training that would lead to a high probability of employment (not necessarily at the same organization)
  • Offer the training at little or no cost to the member
  • Provide skills that are required to successfully perform occupations in the civilian workforce
  • Not create a conflict of interest for the service member

Air Force Career Skills Program Resources

Below are the executive talking points for the Air Force Career Skills Program. Talking points derived from DODI 1322.29





Air Force Skill Bridge Memos



If there is any information or resources we missed please contact us or leave a comment below and we are happy to add the information.

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