DODReads Online Skillbridge Internship

DODReads is now on the Authorized SkillBridge Locations List and is currently considering online interns for 2021 and 2022. Please reach out to John Laney via LinkedIn and let him know you are interested in learning about our full time or part-time online DOD SkillBridge Internship.

Official DOD References

According to the official SkillBridge Authorized Organizations page, transitioning service members are now allowed to utilize online skillbridge internships. This means that service members stationed overseas or in remote locations can have equal access to the benefits provided by a full-time or part-time skillbridge internship. There are currently 38 companies that offer online internships, those companies can be accessed here (Sort by online)

DODReads Online Skillbridge Training plan

If you are interested in an online skillbridge internship please consider We are one of the largest providers of life long learning material to the US Government with a core focus of developing others, networking and giving back to the military services. We are able to accept interns for 10-40 hours per week which allows for part-time internships. Take a look at our training plan and then reach out if you are interested.

DODReads Part-time Skill Bridge Opportunities

There are a number of service-members who are interested in a skillbridge intership; however, their command is not able to support losing the individual for a full 40 hours per week. In response to this need, DODReads developed our part-time skillbridge internship program. We are able to accept a skillbridge intern for between 10-40 hours per week, employ them in a meaningful way, and allow them to learn about the workings of an online startup company. If you are interested in this part-time skillbridge internship take a look at our training plan below and then reach out.


Service Specific Summary Pages

Big Thanks to Elizabeth Dietzmann and Jon Macaskill for doing all the work putting these resources together

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