Solid Steps Through Shifting Sand

Lessons for life from Col. Mike Rauhut, US Army (Ret.) with his father Horst Rauhut

Colonel Michael Rauhut (Ret.) is a graduate of the US Military Academy West Point and served in the US Army commanding at platoon, company, battalion, and brigade levels. He earned countless medals and awards and has held numerous distinguished positions including one as ambassadorial military adviser to the US Mission to the United Nations. But, if you asked Mike to tell you who he is, he would likely say he is the son of Horst and Magdalena Rauhut or that he is a man  grounded in faith, family, and selfless service. He has embraced those values throughout his life, whether in the military or civilian life, whether leading soldiers in battle, raising his children, or paying homage to his parents and their fascinating, stranger-than-fiction life. 

Vignettes and Life Lessons

The vignettes offered in the book cover dozens of episodes in Horst’s and Magdalena’s and in their son, Mike’s, life. And, they share the family’s values: faith, family and hope. In “The Thankful Sower” Mike’s grandfather plants a wheat field in Germany, praying for and thanking God for a good harvest at the conclusion of each row of seeds sown. Horst explains his decision to leave Germany in “Immigrants” as the Berlin Wall was going up was based on family. And, in “High Dunes” a walk atop a dune in North America Horst discovers steps of those before him who found purchase on rocky outcrops. 

One Day at a Time

Besides the stories, the book includes Horst and Mike’s poetry, family photos, and relevant Bible verses. By the end of the book, the reader discovers the vignettes are evidence of the power of taking one confident step at a time through life, no matter the obstacles—the solid steps through shifting sand of the book’s title. With so many lessons, the book will appeal to readers who seek guidance in life, a rocky outcrop on which to set their foundation, to raise their children, manage their careers, and live a full life. In “One Day at a Time,” the senior Rauhut suggests we not worry too much about tomorrow, “Each day has enough trouble of its own.” This, Mike expresses as “You take one day at a time;” advice, he says is useful not only for future military leaders but all of us.

About the Author

Mike Rauhut is the author of Solid Steps Through Shifting Sand an authentic leader with 30+ years of leading experience. Proven ability communicating across all levels of executive management and cross-functional departments managing critical, large-scale policy, programs, projects, and operations. Expertise in developing vision and strategies; advising senior leaders; coaching and teaching; planning and coordinating operations, training, and logistics; and developing human resources. Visionary with a reputation for innovation, collaboration, effecting positive change, aligning stakeholders, and achieving results. People-oriented leader with a proven history of teaming and motivating a culturally diverse workforce to accomplish organizational goals.

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