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Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital

Dr Heidi Squier Kraft is the author of Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in a Combat Hospital. This book shows an honest view of an operating environment in the initial stage of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM with the marines and sailors who served alongside her and the patients she helped triage and treat. Dr. Kraft transfers from a Navy Medical Center practicing medicine in a calm and controlled environment to a chaotic combat atmosphere. Staying flexible, engaged, and always mission ready is key. This is applicable not only to military members, but to anyone who desires to be ready for any and everything. 

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Executive Summaries

Back Page Notes- Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgement

Nobel laureate, Daniel Kahneman, and his team make a case for the reduction of noise in judgement. They argue reducing both bias and noise (inconsistency/variability) is necessary to improve decision making. Accuracy in human judgement is highly desirable, especially for our key decision makers. Relying on checklists and statistics help to reduce noise and produce more predictable results. The authors aren’t saying intuition (gut) is necessarily something to be disregarded, but rather informed, discipled, and delayed prior to execution.

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