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Vicarious Warfare: American Strategy and the Illusion of War on the Cheap

Thomas Waldman defines vicarious warfare as a tradition of war that seeks strategic goals while paying a minimal price. It’s not trying to find an advantage over the enemy as much as to wage a war without making a sacrifice, separating the ends from the means, and looking to get something for nothing.   

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Let’s “Go” Back to the Basics to Counter China

“Go” was created more than 2,500 years ago and continues to stand the test of time without change to the game’s core premise. It is an abstract strategy board game in which two players try to control more territory than their opponent using small game pieces called stones. The game may look simple at the outset with just two colors of stones and a plain grid playing board; it is anything but. This complex game of strategy has significantly more possible moves than Chess.

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Navigating The Second Nuclear Age of International Politics

Have we unknowingly entered a second nuclear age? Paul Bracken of Yale University argues that the United States should pay renewed attention to nuclear weapons and how their presence will transform the way crises develop and escalate, especially as new countries acquire nuclear capabilities. The Second Nuclear Age addresses the new rules for international politics

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