Wayne Worthington


Career Path

Every piece was coming together. I had recently transitioned out of five years of active-duty service as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps Infantry, I moved my family to a new state, and I was about to put roots down. I finally had each piece of the puzzle to “have it all”- or so I thought when COVID-19 entered the scene this past spring

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Military Transition Lessons Learned

How Long Hours And Discipline Turned Into Something Big: Wayne Worthington Shares His Transition Lessons Learned.

Wayne Worthington has serves as the Vice President of Innovation & TMT Practice for Raines International Inc. where he is the founding consultant of the Dallas office. His primary industry focuses within the practice are technology, business services, and software. Wayne has successfully identified, screened, and placed top talent in both private and public technology companies including: CEO, CFO, COO, Head of Research, and SVP of Sales and Marketing roles.

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