Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy

DODReads.com Accepts payment in the form of credit card, government purchase cards, and government convenience checks.

Please note if you pay by credit card your card will be charged as DOD Resources.

Note for GOV CC Payments: Occasionally Government Credit Card Payments will be denied by the processing bank. If your payment is denied please contact the bank and request they process the transaction.

Out of Stock Policy

While I strive to maintain ready access to every book in the military reading list; there are some books that go out of print, or are no longer reasonably available during my required processing time. If I am unable to reasonably provide you a book I will do the following in order:

  1. Provide you a gently used book of the required title
  2. Provide you 4x replacement books of a different, but more popular, title on  military or leadership topics
  3. Refund you 2x the prorated cost per book. (ie. If you are paying a prorated cost of $24.00 per book, I will refund you $48.00 back to your Credit card)
  4. If I am unable to do any of the above, I will contact you and or cancel your purchase order

Please contact me if you would like me to fulfill your purchase in a different order.

Shipping Policy

As we source our books from multiple suppliers we do not offer expedited or overnight shipping. It is our goal to have all orders shipped within 10 business days of any order. Customers will be notified once the order shipped.

Refund Policy

Refunds are offered only with prior approval and only if the received item does not match the description.

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