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Command Equal Opportunity Statement: Three sentences or five pages?

Five pages. That is how long most Navy commands Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, Fraternization, Discrimination and Equal opportunity statements are.   They are painful to read, hard to comprehend, boilerplate and unfortunately nearly meaningless for the average sailor.

Once I assumed command I wanted to reduce my EEO statement from the standard five pages of fluff to one page; preferably 2 sentences.  After a number of iterations I came up with the following statement. It is easy to memorize and I am able to look someone in the eye and recite it.

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, fraternization, discrimination and failing to provide equal opportunity are unacceptable at Mine Countermeasures Division THREE ONE or in the US Navy. If you conduct any of these actions I will be unrelenting in bringing you to justice. If you are the victim of any of the above I will be unrelenting in providing you the support, care and protection you need.

This is my standard talking point which I recite this every time we have any type of EEO or sexual harassment/assault training.  The command knows I’m serious and they know I care enough to look them all in the eye and promise to prosecute those offenders and take care of those victims.

One word of caution. This statement has not been through a JAG review; if you plan to make it your own and since it is so drastically different, you may want to have a JAG look it over.

For reference I included my statement, and the standard 5 page statements.




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