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In the United States Military cadences sung by marching or running soldiers are often dubbed “Jodys” or “Jody calls”. This name “Jody” refers to a recurring civilian character, the soldier’s nemeses, who stays home to a perceived life of luxury. Jody stays home to drive the soldiers car, date the soldiers girl friend, hangs out with the soldiers friends, and eats mom’s great cooking.
These Jodys have been seen in popular movies such as Stripes, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Full Metal Jacket.
Common Themes in Jodie Calls include:

  • Home Sickness
  • Gripes about military life
  • Insults of other units, services or the enemy
  • Battles, exploits, or events specific to one’s own unit
  • Humorous references

Top Military Cadences Download


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