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****COVID-19 Uniform Policy Alerts****

NAVADMIN Number/Message

Subject, Key Policy or Initiative Updates


​US Navy COVID-19 Standardized Operational Guidance Version 3.0

(Face coverings with an exhaust valve and neck gaiter style face coverings)

NAVADMIN 196/20 ​Navy Working Uniform Type III and Flight Suit Wear Restriction in the National Capital Region.
NAVADMIN 194/20 ​Face Coverings in Uniform. 
NAVADMIN 186/20 ​Uniform Policy Update Surface Warfare Officer Leather Jacket.


​Navy Guidance on the Use of Face Coverings.
NAVADMIN 073/20 ​Temporary Relaxation of Hair Grooming Standards in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak.
NAVADMIN 004/20​ ​OPNAVINST 10126.5 Management and Control of the Surface Warfare Officer Leather Jacket.
NAVADMIN 282/19 ​Navy Uniform Policy and Uniform Initiative Update.  Gold Star Lapel Button/Next of Kin Lapel Button, Black Neck Gaiter, Optional PRT Swim Wear, Acoustic Technician Chief Warrant Officer Insignia, Summer White/Service Dress White Maternity Shirt, Improved Black Fleece Liner, MyNavy UNIFORMS App, I-Boot 5.
NAVADMIN 231/19 ​BUPERSINST 1000.22C Management of Navy Uniformed Personnel Diagnosed with Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB).
NAVADMIN 075/19 ​Navy Uniform Policy and Uniform Initiative Update.  Navy Working Uniform Type II and III manner of wear, enlisted gold rating badges and service stripes, female officer/chief petty officer Service Uniform slacks and skirts, female Service and Dress Uniform footwear (flats), female hair grooming standards, nursing T-shirts, Joint/Unified command identification badges, Service Dress White Choker Coat collar fit, I-Boot 4, OPTU.

Frequently use links and Current resources and links for the proper wear of the US Navy Uniforms

US Navy Uniform Regulations Home Page – The Primary reference page

US Navy Uniform Regulations instruction
– NAVPERS 156651I

Navy Uniform FAQs – Ask the Chief questions about the proper wear of the Navy’s uniform. You can submit a question at:

Task Force Uniform – Taskforce Uniform was kicked off in 2003 and is now currently in phase II of operation

Navy Uniform NEWSGRAMS – Navy Uniform NEWSGRAMS come out once per quarter and contain the latest guidance on the proper wearing of the Navy’s uniform.

Civilian Clothing Allowance – It is not an easy allowance to get, but if approved can provide significant support in the purchase of civilian clothing for Official Navy Use

MyNavy Uniforms APP – The Official Navy Uniforms App, available on Apple and Android

Navy Authorized Boot Listing – The boots authorized and not authorized to wear in uniform.

Female Hair Standards – Pictures of the hair standards for females with long or short hair. Contains pictures of 24 different hairstyles.

NWU Type III Wear Guide – A one page PDF of the proper wear of the Type III uniform

If you have an additional question you can submit a uniform inquiry email to “Ask the Chiefs” at:

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