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What are you reading? is a podcast dedicated to inspiring a culture of scholarship and lifelong learning in the Armed Forces. This podcast is in partnership with DODReads.com

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  • by DODReads
    In episode 27, Eugene Yang sits down with Brigadier General Kim Field, USA (Ret.) to discuss the role of the military in interagency endeavors, the importance of education and critical thinking for leadership, and how to ask good questions to solve future complex scenarios. Kim Field is currently a Professor of Practice at the Texas […]
  • by DODReads
    In episode 26, Eugene Yang sits down with Lieutenant General John Wissler, USMC (Ret.) to discuss leadership development for junior officers, the importance of cross-cultural understanding, and the practice of individual reflection to sharpen personal leadership competencies and moral courage. LtGen Wissler is the Distinguished Chair of Leadership at the United States Naval Academy Stockdale […]
  • by DODReads
    In episode 25, Eugene Yang sits down with Dr. John Nagl, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Ret.), to discuss how organizations react to new challenges, from the current pandemic to counterinsurgency. Dr. Nagl reflects on his start in professional military writing and the importance of education for America's next generation of leaders. Dr. Nagl is currently the […]
  • by DODReads
    In episode 24, I sit down with Marine Colonel Maria "MJ" Pallotta to discuss how stoicism can help us weather the pandemic, why the classics are critical for leaders, and the importance of studying leadership and ethical philosophy. Interested in an interview with a particular leader? Have a question you'd like to hear answered? Contact […]
  • by DODReads
    In episode 23, Jackie sits down with Army Lieutenant Colonel Laura Weimer to discuss learning from failure, how to reconcile leadership responsibility with doubts over the mission, and the importance of finding purpose. Interested in an interview with a particular leader? Have a question you'd like to hear answered? Contact us @DODReads or [email protected] Finally, […]

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